Zortrax M200 for sale - Poland, Krakow



Unfortunately, I have to sell my printer  :wacko:

Zortrax M200 Printer

- hardware version: v2

- bios version: 0.0.5

- purchase date: april 2014

- warranty: in Poland april 2016

- 10 x ABS




- new nozzle


- new black side covers


Price (+ shipping)

- PLN: 8500  

- EUR: 2080

- USD: 2320 (  :blink:  ... yes ... exchange rate in Poland from PLN to USD is very hight )

Price in dollars and euros are changing depending on the bank exchange rate  :(

More info priv.


We will miss you.  :(


Hi Pioo,

I am interested in your M200 if it is still available.

Can you estimate what shipping would be to the UK, insured and tracked.

I am still in the first stages of deciding which printer to buy, but it is good that you are offering the whole kit!



Hi ...

Shipping + Insurance from Poland to UK ~60 GBP


Hi, is the hot end V1 or V2? Not sure of the advantages of V2, just reading about it now. 


Also, the same question about the hotplate, V1 or V2?

I Assume new printers ordered from Zortrax come with the V2 parts as standard?


Hotend and hotplate is V1. I think that depending on the model in stock sometimes is V1 and sometimes V2.


Hi Pioo,

I would like to make you an offer of 7000PLN for your package. 

I am aware you have a lot of added value, and I will not need to buy filament for a good while! This offer is based on how I can value the printer as a second hand item, and as it would be coming over to the UK I would lose the warranty. 

If we were to come to a deal I would only consider paying via Paypal with buyer protection. I am trying to establish what the total charge for this would be from PayPal, but its rules when sending money abroad are hard to understand. 


In terms of fees from PayPal, I think this is what will happen - 

A transaction fee of 3.5% will be taken from the payment I send. I would suggest we split this, as it protects us both. 

When you take the money out of your PayPal if you convert it into another currency you will be charged 3.5% (for both PLN and euros) 


Oh and I would pay the postage of 60GBP in addition to my above offer. 


Hi again Pioo,

I was a bit eager with this offer and have only just realised there are several versions of the hardware, before you consider my offer are you able to tell me what the differences are between v2 and the current v4?




It seems the changes between v2 and v4 are minimal, so my offer stands at 7000PLN.

Let me know what you think 


Hi Ploo,

Have you considered my offer? 

I understand if you value your item at more than I offered, but please do let me know. 


Sorry for not responding :( I was on a short holiday.

Sorry .. but I'm not interested in your offer. 


Hey, no problem, I'm just being impatient  ;)

Is there any movement in your price at all, or is 8500 the lowest you will go?


Lowest price is 8000 PLN. This is my minimum  :ph34r:


Thanks Pioo,

After much thought I think I will buy new here in the UK.

Having the latest revision of the hotbed, nozzle, and a full UK Warranty is worth the extra outlay for me.


Ok, no problem :)


Good luck with sale, for someone in Poland it already represents cracking value  :)