Zortrax m200 heated bed


I am a user of a zortrax M200 and I have a problem. The ABS filament no longer holds on the heating plate. I have some 3D prints that warp and are rounded.

I cleaned the heatbed with rubbing alcohol to remove the grease. I cleaned the remains of old 3D printing with a spatula.

But the problem remains the same.

I would like to know what are your solutions to solve this problem.

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Hello @tflo89,

have a look at our troubleshooting manual that shows how to deal with warping. It is crucial to ensure higher ambient temperature, avoid air flows, apply some plate adhesive, tweak Z-SUITE settings (set the fan speed to 0%, set lower infill level, decrease platform-raft gap).

What are the autocalibration results? The platform might require maintenance, or even replacement if it is bent/deformed (it is a consumable part - its approximate lifespan is 700 hours).

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I’m not sure but the machine hasn’t done 700 hours of 3D printing yet.

I put cardboard instead of the zortrax side covers to avoid the air flow.

Do you have tray adhesive products to recommend?

I will use the zortrax settings and try again.


Résult after calibration:


the plate adhesives - I would recommend Z-ABS juice (that was alredy mentioned in the manual I sent you), or even a glue stick.

As for autocalibratiton results - the center point value is 0.5, wheras most of the side points value is -0.1 - this difference is too big, it seems the center of the platform is deformed. If the maintenance does not resolve this - the platform might need replacement.

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