Zortrax M200 Left Side Filament Tube and Spool Holder - mod.


Because I don't have space in the back side of my printer I made a modification of Filament Tube and Spool Holder


PS. Currently in the process because I found a collision when i wants print large models :(

Ok ... I found proper thickness (gap between frame and extruder in park position). This is 2mm :(

Very small distance ... but should be enough :D


Some small updates. During testing :D

good job

NEW FINAL VERSION v.4 on thingiverse.com

I look forward to your support and opinions :D

Hello Pioo.
I also had trouble workspace on the desk is narrow. 
I have solved my troubles in your idea. 
Pioo Thank you. 
Good job.

Nice work, I like that good job