Zortrax m200 no retraction in Z-Suite 2


Have an problem only in Z-suite 2. The Retractionspeed and distance have no action at the printing part. The extruder doesn’t do retract at the print. Only in Z-Suite 1 i can adjust retraction on the same part. And the extruder does his job.

But i like do with Z-Suite 2 cause i can print with no raft.

Have all versions of Z-Suite 2 tested. But no one will retract the extruder.

On the picture, left is z-suite 2 and right part is z-suite 1. Filament is the same only the color.

Please help.

Thanks Dennis

My Zortrax M200 have the V04 hardware.

EDIT: It’s better not to share your Serial Number on a public forum.

Hi, Dennis.

At first, it is enough to add one post with your problem. Please, do not spam the forum.
I recommend that you don’t share your Serial Number publicly as well.

Regarding your problem with retraction, please send me .zcode and .stl files of this model.
I need to see exact settings that you used for printing.
Did you use the newest Z-SUITE 2.11.0? Does the problem occur with that version as well?

Hi Marta,

Sorry for double post. Hope you understand what i mean. By adjust the settings exactly the same, on Z-suite 1 have no problems. The rerraction functions good. But in Z-suite 2 ( all versions and 2.11.0 too) and exact same settings the extruder makes no retraction, you can see.

Will send you both settings for Z-Suite 1 and Z-Suite 2.

Thank you for helping.

By the way. The modell isn’t say nothing, cause every model does.

You can send me settings alone then. We will check it :slight_smile:

Thank you,

Here the settings from Z-Suite

And here from z-suite, that one that let the extruder not retract.

Thank you! I’ll check it and pass the information to our specialists.

Thank you so much for your helping.

Can you let me know, if you have an solution?

Thank you,


The issue should be fixed soon, we’re working on it. I don’t have any more information at the moment.

Ive seen that z-suite is available. Is that the version where the bug is solved?

Thank you very much.

Hi, Dennis!

Yes, we’ve fixed this bug.
Please, let me know whether it helps :slight_smile:

Very nice. Ive try it soon as possible.

Thanks for fast fixing.

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Thanks to all of zortrax. The Retraction is functionaly fine. Now i can printing pla. Thanks thanks and thanks.

There is no stringing or ozzing.

Great to hear that!

Enjoy printing and feel free to share your best prints in our Printroom :slight_smile: