Zortrax M200-Pythone Flex


Hello everybody, I have a problem with printing TPU filament Python Flex on my Zortrax M200. I know it’s not dedicated for my printer, but does anybody have some experience using this filament on this printer? I tried recommended settings for this material in Z SUIT but it just doesn’t print well. If anybody has some tip or experience please help me! :slight_smile: Thank you


My experience with printing flexibles has not been successful. I’ve tried SainSmart TPU and NinjaTek Cheetah. I both cases I believe the lack of success was because the filament was too small in diameter. Both brands were closer to 1.67mm to 1.70mm instead of 1.75mm. The decreased filament diameter combined with the softness of the material led to poor filament feeding and failure on every test print. I did use the spacer that’s available in the Zortrax library and it did prevent filament from twisting around the feed gear.


A handy guide and alternate hotend


Thank you for the help