Zortrax M200 v3, z-filaments and sense 3d scanner

With deepest sorrow I'm about to sell few of my things:

  • Package 1: Zortrax-M200 v3 (v1 bed, v1 hotend, 3-months-old nozzle) with 3 sidecovers.


  • Package 2:  Z-filaments:


Brand new (8 in total)

ABS: 1x red, 1x black, 1x yellow

ULTRAT: 1x red, 1x black, 1x green


Opened/Used (12 in total - most of them >500g)

ABS: 1x black, 1x grey, 1x red, 1x green, 1x white

ULTRAT: 1x yellow, 1x black, 1x blue, 1x green, 1x red



  • Package 3: Sense 3D scanner(literally used few times)


Prices are expressed in PLN although equivalent in EUR or USD is accepted aswell. Shipping nor taxes aren't included.


Package 1: 6500PLN

Package 2: 2000PLN

Package 3: 1350PLN


For each combined package the price drops by 500PLN eq. Package 1+2 = 8000PLN, Package 1+2+3 = 8850PLN.


EDIT: Following requests and updating post content

Bump. Some ppl were interested so i've updated post and added auction link aswell.

Ultrat, black red still avaliable ?