Zortrax M300+ 0.8 Nozzle

Hi everyone,

I’m interested in using a 0.8mm nozzle with my M300 Plus to take advantage of the large print volume for faster printing. Has anyone had success installing a non-standard nozzle on this machine?

While I understand Zortrax doesn’t currently offer compatibility with larger nozzles, I’m curious if there’s a way to bypass the firmware limitations.

Zortrax, any plans to officially support larger nozzle diameters in the future?


Hello Alex,

no, we are not planning to support larger nozzle diameters at the moment. Please note that we would need to come up with dedicated printing profiles to ensure high print quality, which is time-consuming and requires thorough tests. Still, thank you for your suggestion, we will pass it further.

However, as your main aim is to make use of faster printing - I am not sure if you have seen that we enabled printing up to 3 times faster which is a completely free feature you can read more about here. You jut need to have the newest firmware installed.

Best regards

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