Zortrax M300 Plus Fatal ERROR HELP!


Good evening!!!
My name is fabio mantovani and I’m a new zortrax buyer.
I received my M300 Plus today.
I assembled and configured it by downloading the required firmware update 1.4.0.
During installation, the printer showed me error # 102 Update Error.
Following the instructions on the site I discovered that a connector had disconnected from the motherboard during transport.
Reconnecting the cable, turning the printer back on and updating is successful.
However, when I restart, the printer shows me the following errors:

111 unknown hardware ID;

199 unknown or unsupported failsafe reason;

I tried searching on the site but nobody knows what mistakes they are.
Has anyone already done it?
The connectors are all connected and from the motherboard, when it loads the printer software, a slight intermittent whistle is heard, as if some component were broken.

I have contacted the support but at the moment still no answer.
Some idea?

Thank you all
Fabio Mantovani


Hi, Fabio.
One of our support agents has just sent you a reply.
You case is being processed at the moment.