ZORTRAX M300 plus firmware update


i have to update my M300 plus from 1.4.0 to the latest firmware, i read online to install directly the latest, but someone said to install every version one by one…
How i should proceed? on the download page i see the firmware starting from version 2.0.0, what about the ones in between 1.4 and 2.0?


if you could help @KarolinaZortrax

Hello @Laserpoint,

as your current version is 1.4.0 (not older) - you just need to install (via USB) 1.5.0 one before you proceed with 2.0.0 update. The folder with 2.0.0 update includes both files, this information is actually provided in the changelog:

To upgrade the firmware to the 2.0 version, at first save the update.zar2 file (from the 1.5 folder) on the USB drive and install the update and select Start in the launcher. Next, save the update.zar2 file (from the 2.0 folder) on the USB drive and install the update.

So you just need to save the update.zar2 file on the USB, insert the drive and turn the printer on - it should detect the firmware automatically, then refer to the instruction shown on the screen. Once you install 1.5.0 and 2.0.0 - you can try do update directly to 2.6.10. However, if the printer does not recognize the file - please try some older firmware versions first.

Please let me know if the update was successful.

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everything worked fine. Thanks

This is great news, thank you as well!

hello karolina

i was wondering if the z-suite 3 beta works for mac os 10.14. mojave. the version on the zortrax website only supports mac os 10.15. or higher.

thanks for your help


Z-SUITE 2.31.0 and 3.1.0 BETA are the last versions supported on Mac OS Mojave operating system. Z-SUITE is now supported on Mac OS Catalina and newer versions of the system. This information can be found in the changelog.

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thank you Karolina, i did not read through all the documents.

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