Zortrax NO MORE

Let’s review what is going on. I’m using ZSuite and it constantly nags me to update to the latest “Beta”. I relented and did so.

The new version doesn’t support my printer (M200) as ZSuite ONLY saves in XXXXXX.zcode2 and my printer doesn’t support this format. OK, you have a GCode converter, why not put it into the ZSuite as a “Post Processing” option? I don’t have time to mess about with outboard programs.

OK, no updates to firmware for my M200, and the ZSuite Beta doesn’t list it as an option.

I bought a Zortrax very early in your companies life as I wanted to support a new company which had rave reviews regarding print quality. I get that over £2000 GBP is a LOT of money for a hobbyist, but I wanted what, at the time was the best. Now the software lags behind most ALL others, for example the Bambu series absolutely DEVASTATE anything you have to offer, and they are cheaper too and the print speeds?? SUPERSONIC, AND the Carbon has multi-filament capability.

Your failure to support those who supported you has lead me to one conclusion, unless Zortrax pull their finger out, I will be selling ALL my Zortrax printers and buying something where I can be sure of compatibility and support.


The silence is deafening, and PRECISELY WHY I will no longer buy or recommend Zortrax.

Guys, you REALLY are your own worst enemies, so typical of Engineers the world over. STOP designing stuff YOU think people need, ASK YOUR CUSTOMERS what THEY want, then make THAT. Hint, you get a LOT of sales when you do that.

And WHY, on the M200, can you not heat the extruder AND the printing plate at the SAME TIME?

Hello Sean,

Z-SUITE 3 BETA (3.4.0) is no longer dedicated for the M200, but as for the newest stable update (2.32.0) - you can definitely still use it with the M200. Please just make sure the right model of the printer has been set:

You can also change the default model here: File → Preferences → Default Printer, so once you open an .stl file - the M200 will be choosen automatically and .zcode files will be generated.

Zortrax M200 and M300 3D printers were discontinued in 2018, and while we continue to provide fixes for critical bugs, stability improvements, as well as support the above-mentioned models in terms of technical issues (do not hesitate to contact us via support form or spare parts (please contact our Sales Department directly via email or ask your local reseller). However, no firmware and software updates will be available for these machines.

Please note that we have released several new devices since then, hence we need to focus on developing them, just as we did with the M200 and M300 for many years. Actually, we were still working on these unit even though the M200 and M300 Plus were released and we should focus on their development instead. We do value and consider our community’s suggestions, but please note that not all features are easy to implement, sadly.

Thank you for your understanding.

Best regards