zortrax super ohero mask

After a few weeks of owning the printer I looked for a challenge and boy did I find a challenge. The zortrax super hero mask is a perfect example of the z-hips mat finish. I read somewhere that the printjob would take 16 days, I didn't counted the hours or days but it will certainly be no less. I took me 3 months because of other projects coming in between. The model design is perfect but not aligned for the printing, so I rotated and moved every piece in z-suite to allow the most vertical printing surface. The z-hips finish is best on vertical walls in my opinion. Some parts I printed more than once if I wasn't happy with the result. If you are looking for a challenge google it and try it because it sure is. Part of the fun is also the assembly because their are only pictures of the completed model, not how it needs to be assembled :-)

Small suggestion for others trying this: If you dont want to add lights in the eyes like me, dont install the red plate just behind the mask but leave it out and just use the red eye socket. The mask looks darker.

I got small white dots on the mask and the horns from support removal, anyone got an idea how to remove them with ruining the mat finish?

Heat gun will remove white points without changing finish. Knock off high points / loose material with abrasive (brush, pad, whatever) first, otherwise end up with smooth bumps. Briefly exposing white areas to heat shouldn't impact overall finish.   You can also sometimes remove/reduce with soft fabric (rub against carpet), without changing overall finish.