Zortrax TOUGH White separation at bottom layers


Hi there,
We are printing with the new Zortrax’s TOUGH White resin and the bottom layers separate while printing.
We use standard settings from Z-Suite for that resin (with one modification that is 5mm model lift).
Bottom layer exposure is 140s, layer exposure is 6s (screenshot with settings below).
When we use Zortrax BASIC there is no problem with separation.
Z-Suite version, Inkspire firmware 2.5.4.


Hi Marcin,

I see you are already in contact with our support agent. We will provide you with information regarding the results of the test print as soon as possible.

Best regards,


Hi Karolina,

We had the same issue about the White Tough resin. I printed some test prints beforehand with white basic material, and it came out perfect, but with the White Tough resin, I have the same separation at the raft part. I use the latest version of Z-suit and Inkspire firmware, and the same sliceing options like MarcinDS. Thank you for your time!


Hi @PotViktor,

could you provide .zcodex and .stl files, please? We will check the model.

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Since no replay from Zortrax we found the cause of the problem ourselves.
The reason is here:

If you “shake well” the resin before use it will have bubbles, specially at the beginning of printing when the delamination happens.

Solution is to wait. Shake the resin, pour it into the tank and wait.
From my experience about 30 minutes is usually enough.

If you don’t want to wait that long you can use vacuum chamber and remove air from resin.

Examples, bottom of the prints. On the left print started ~5 min after resin shaking, on the right about 30min after shaking.