Zotrax Inventer : cable Inside printer disconnected

This is my first part that i try to print.
I use Z-Suite 2.25 BETA.
I put Material group at ZORTRAX MATERIALS SINGLE.
I put matérial PLA.
In the printer, i put the Zortrax PLA in the left side.
But every time i try to print a part it said error 162: The support material cartridge is empty…


I had the same problem on my Inventure with different version of ZSuite (2.25b,2.24 etc…)
It’s a bug in firmware 1.5.1.
You need to contact support, they will ask you to test new firmware (1.5.2, that is not yet released). this solved the problem for me.


WOW Amazing. Thank you SOOOO much. Ill try and come back. Patrick (montréal Qc.)

Hi Patrick,

we replied to your support form yesterday. Please let us know if the problem has been resolved.

Best regards

Hi, Perfect. The new firmware work fine.
So i did try to do a platform leveling and i saw this! (picture)

Can you tell me where this cable go!!!

It is writent Trash on the cable

Thank you.