Zotrax make it very hard to actually use their products

We bought an M300plus some time ago and initially were happy, but have meanwhile ran into a wealth of issues.
Local dealer only understands how to replace parts (sorry, I’ve always learnt to seek a fault before replacing blindly)

The latest and biggest issue… THERE IS NO FILLAMENT!
We ordered Z-ASA Pro in Pure black … months ago… Leadtime is postponed time after time.

Is Zotrax sliding on the slippery slope into going bust?

I’ve heard all excuses you can think of, but they are lame to say the least.
Sea Transport takes 4 weeks max, that’s not an excuse for a multi month delay. Covid has indeed taken it’s toll, but China is back up running again and has been for quite a while.

Everything points at financial issues (No paying bills usually results in not receiving any goods)

Is there something Zortrax like to explain to their customers?