Zsuit running issues


I have a problem with z-suit that comes after

For some reason every time I try to let it slice one of my files it uses all the processor power and makes my pc lag. This is no matter if its a big small or complex part.

On version it works normal.

I have an Intel core i7 6700k so I don’t get why it would have problems slicing any part.

hope you can help

kind regards



Hello Reym,

I spoke with our software specialist. Since 2.10.0 release, we have introduced an algorithm which allows to use the processor more efficiently while slicing models. Thus, high CPU usage is normal (and expected).


Hallo that seems weird to me as when its using 100% of my cpu the rest of my programs is laging. And it doesnt seem to do any better or faster then the previous version of the software so I am not sure what it should help ?