ZSuite 1.4.0 triggers my antivirus software

Avast antivirus tags one of the new ZSuite 1.4.0 install files as a virus.  See attached screen shot.

I believe whatever the antivirus software is doing will not allow me to use ZSuite.

Any suggestions??

Upgraded to 1.4.0, now I cannot open Z-suite. Restarted PC, nothing.. Uninstalled and installed new version, again not opening.. what to do?

At the Virus Chest you have to mark this file as an exeption. I could do it, I do not remember if it was right click on the file, but you will manage. I would appreciate some instructions from Zortrax though, (or preferably not have to go through this when installing a new version...).

Hope you make it.

Norton used to quarantine new Z-Suite versions because so few Norton users ran it.  I started explicitly testing the downloaded and unzipped files as a matter of course as well as checking them with Norton Insight after that.  Insight usually wanted it to be "Trusted" to avoid problems as well.