ZSuite 2.11 and OSX 10.15 (Catalina)?

Does this combination work? There is a cryptic note in the release that says it may run poorly.

Hi, Z-SUITE works stable with macOS up to Mojave version. With recent Catalina update, solutions used in our software are no longer supported.

So is that forever? Mac OS support will be dropped? As nearly as I can tell, the Mono framework will run in Catalina…

Please reply to this as there are many Mac users. Does Zortrax intend to support Mac OSX in the future? Or will it be abandon?

Hi again. As I mentioned above, the recent update has stopped supporting solutions we have been implementing in Z-SUITE. Our specialists have been doing their best to find a workaround, but Catalina does not allow that.

I understand they have tried to make prior solutions work, but that does not quite answer the question: Is Zortrax committed to supporting the Mac OSX Catalina in the future?