Zsuite 8 on MAC OS X extremely buggy


ever since upgrading to z-suite 8 I experience some very annoying bugs that make printing next to impossible. I tried uninstalling and re-installing but it did no good. When I hit print the setting window pops up and then it never disappears covering up the screen and staying on top no matter what I do. It happens consistently and I have to restart the application and re-slice the model that sometimes takes a good 30 minutes if it's a large model. Check out the link for more details 


I'd very much appreciate any solution coz it made my productivity drop down to almost zero.



Same issue for me.

OSX Lion and OSX Maverick.

Software works very slowly and shutdown... :wacko:

Me too!

The GUI itself looks like its from the 90s, and theres no icon for the z-suite app...

That aside and apart from the sutting down issue, many of the interface and tool icon wont show (eg. the resize icon) and i cant adjust via typing. :(