ZSuite -> Inkspire asynchronous file upload over network unclear operation status


Hello world :slight_smile:

I would like to report a Z-Suite to Inkspire file upload bug that showed up recently (did not observe it before) :slight_smile:

I have recently updated both Z-Suite (2.12.2) and Inkspire firmware (2.2.3). When uploading a project file over network from Z-Suite to Inskspire some double buffering occurs and this initially may lead to invalid conclusion that the filesystem is broken. But this is not quite clear signalling of the operation status. The file is not uploaded when progress bar reaches 100% and it is gone, but when the file size gets correct after some time. This leads to “broken project” error screen on Inkspire.

How to reproduce:

  1. Create a project in Z-Suite for Inkspire.
  2. Upload large project to Inkspire from Z-Suite (lets say 500MB).
  3. Look at the upload progress bar in Z-Suite and wait for it to finish.
  4. Start printing freshly uploaded file and see that file is reported by Inkspire as corrupted.
  5. Take out the USB Mass Storage from Inskpire, perform FSCK, note filesystem corruption, fix the issue.
  6. Retry steps 1 to 4 several times. See no change.
  7. Format the USB Mass Storage just to make sure the filesystem is clean.
  8. Retry upload of the file from Z-Suite to Inkspire.
  9. Wait for upload to “complete” (progress bar goest 100% and disappears).
  10. Watch the uploaded file size. It will be something around 50% of the original.
  11. Wait some time and see that uploaded file size grows.
  12. When file size goes to its valid number there is another small popup “upload complete”.
  13. Now you can print the file on Inkspire.


  1. Upload progress bar is misleading and does not show the real file transfer.
  2. Upload bar should show real and actual file upload state, so when its gone file is ready to print on Inkspire right away.
  3. If not possible to show the real progress please at least add this popup “upload in progress” so user knows the file is still being uploaded to the printer, then compare file size to show upload progress.

Please verify and fix :slight_smile:

Thank you :slight_smile:



Thank you for letting us know and providing such a detailed explanation. We will look into the matter and verify that :slight_smile:

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