Zsuite making some odd results

I try to print a model for my job, but unable to zsuite it, always a lot of errors shown in the generated path. I’m using ZSuite 0.04 that you released yesterday.

Here is my model on Sketchup : https://dl.dropboxusercontent.com/u/2062326/Ted_Zsuite_02.jpg

And the path generated by Zsuite (0,14 / Fill / with no support, to see the reel path) : https://dl.dropboxusercontent.com/u/2062326/Ted_Zsuite_01.jpg

Just 2 other points : 1 - When I open the STL generated by Scketchup, it seems to be OK and 2-when I try to Zsuite in another position (X +90° for example) the results are not the same …

I need help !!!



Sorry everybody, it seems that the real problem is Sketchup and the STL export plugging, not ZSuite. I’m going to try DesignSparck.

By the way : I’m very happy with the prints I’ve already done with my M200 !!


Please send .stl file there for check


Thks martin

Ted, I wouldn’t trust sketchup.

You could also try downloading other software like the UP/Afinia. It’s free and a way to see if the model looks the same as in the zsuite software. My guess is it would.

I will try tomorrow morning, thks for the advice.

But something is very strange : if I change the orientation of the model in Zsuite, the sciling result is very different !

Z-Suite is definitely adding things to models that aren’t there, I’ve seen it (file sent to Z support). These artifacts do not show up in the basic model view in Zortrax but they do show in the print preview after slicing.

EDIT: I take it back - my STL had errors. After running it through netfabb cloud, it is OK now in print preview.

Yep, I had some weird results too.


Designspark Mechanical is SOLID software!! It’s just a scaled down version of Spaceclaim. I use both.

Your .stl file contain a lot of errors and somehow whole part looks not too rounded with very less amount of triangles (I know in solidworks/proe and CAD software contain options for it but is Sketchup give possibility to choose .stl output quality then I have no idea).

Honestly this file saved by Sketchup contain almost every known .stl files errors: holes, degenerated triangles, manifold edges, invalid orientation, self intersections…

I also checked this part with some other slicer and there I see only 50% of model after slicing.

We can try to tune ZSuite a little more it already repair a lot of .stl errors but no miracles, pick up some real CAD design software (even tinkerCAD is ok) or try to check Sketchup options to find is it possible to generate a little better quality .stl files.

And here toolpath from other programs:

Best Regards

Thanks Martin. Sorry for the time you spend with my model ! I thought that Sketchup was a good software … I’m not sure anymore ! In sketchup, the model is very clean, I don’t understand. May be the plugging is use to generate stl is the problem ?? I use a “Sketchup STL” from the “Sketchup team”, there is no options, just “ascii/binary”.

Everybody : any idea ? May be to open my model with another software ?

I’ll try TinkerCAD.

Use cleanup plugin (http://extensions.sketchup.com/en/content/cleanup%C2%B3) to clean your model. Then use solid inspector plugin (google) to make water-tight model. I have personally moved away from Sketchup, and started using DesignSpark Mechanical, which feels like a more advance sketchup and free. Tinker cad is also great.

Thanks njd