Zsuite on Mac runs worse than Win


As a Macintosh user i found this slicer impossible to use compared on a window one.
First of all, moving in the viewport: I can manage pan, zoom, and rotation only by clicking the icons instead using my mouse… that looks a little thing but is very unconfortable.
Second, I can use the tools only if the related window is open (which takes space on the viewport and blinds a good part of the monitor) if I close it, the tool is deselected. Also here is ridiculously annoing and it would be very easy to fix.
Third and, most annoing, is the usage of the trhee support! It flickering all the time and it goes very badly!
The first and the third look to have something in common, the fact that the standard Mac mouse doesn’t have the middle and right button WHICHT S NOT TRUE! I can use it in other software and when necessary I use “Magis Pref” app. Or if is not possible to integrate “middle and right button” on the software another way could be adding some short cut for like cmd+shift for panning, cmd+alt for scrolling,alt for zooming etc… whaterver is better for you but it would make this slicer way more good!
Please, solve this issue, is ridiculously easy to solve! Those issue are driving me crazy!