Zsuite Support external + cartridge Zortrax


I am writing for clarification.
I wanted to print a piece with the print material from the Z-Ultrat plus cartridge and with an external soluble from the reel (ZSupport plus removed from the cartridge as it is no longer selectable from zsuite)
slice made with external material dual. On the inventure printing material loaded as cartridge, soluble as Spool type external material. The printer gave an error on loading the material saying it was not there (error # 162).

It is therefore not possible to print with the Zortrax Material Cartridge and external soluble?


Hi @Luca_Perry,

It is impossible to print one material from the cartridge and the other one from the spool. Each cartridge is equipped with an RFID sticker, thanks to which the device recognizes the filament. As it cannot detect the external material - the error occurs. Thus, I would suggest taking Z-ULTRAT out of the cartridge, disabling the material endstop in the menu and try printing both materials from the reel.

Best regards,