Zsuite: wich part is printed for first?

He Marcin,

i'm waiting for the first layer "problem" and until that solution i've a question for you and for all zortrax m200 owners.

I need to know in i've 2 parts in my plate what is the firt where the m200 will do the first layer.

It depends from: total part volume ? part position in the plate (which) ?

I need to know because if i print 2 parts at the same time in the first i've the first layer issue and not in the second one. So if i know which is the first to be printed i can decide to sacrifice one parts.

Thank all for help.

someone can help me ? :)

thank u

I don't know how it decides which one to print first. Did you try moving the parts to a different area on the platform to see if that made a difference?

Yes, i tried. But do not work costantly :(.