Challenges with supports and rafts


Hello and thank you in advanced for your help.
I am some what of a novice at this so I appreciate your patients and help. I have printed many items mostly with success, however, the last few items I have printed, have been frustrating. Of the last three items, two of the rafts have become detached and all three have had issues with supports not coming off and the object not coming off the raft.

The only thing that has changed recently, was switching colors of filament from green to red. Both spools are labled, ZABS.

Where do I go from here?


Hi, @dbradbury. It sound like two problems are combined - warping and probably overheating.
When was the last time you performed platform maintenance and cleaned the nozzle? How many hours have you printed with this M200?
Have you noticed quality deterioration apart from supports and raft being hard to remove?


Well, I am a school teacher and I came to this school last year and the printer was already here. I have never done any maintenance on it and I don’t know how but I will follow the links you provided. I believe i have close to 700 hours of printing. I cant really answer about deterioration because I don’t know what it was before. Ill do some maintenance and get back with you.
Thanks for your quick answers and help


I just noticed that the gray part attached to the fan by the nozzle has been bent or melted. How can I replace it/ print a new one?


Hey there!
In that case, you might want to check out our maintenance guide. The rest of instructions can be found in Support Center.
Let me know whether nozzle cleaning and platform maintenance improves the prints’ quality.

Regarding the fan shroud, you can download it here and print it with Z-ABS.


What is you take on this? Does it need to be cleaned more?


It’s fine, there is no need to clean perforations. Just make sure that there are no material residues on heatbed (underneath perforated plate).


I’m new here, but I used to be able to modify the raft manually to add extra grip to the bed on models that would lift at the ends. Maybe I missing something but with the latest software that feature seems to be gone, or perhaps it’s been gone for some time. I still keep an old version around so I’ll look into that.


Hi. Are you referring to the platform-raft gap and first layer gap (a gap between the raft and the first layer of a model) options? They are still available in the advanced settings. However, please let us know once you look into the older software version.


No, I mean being able to add area to the raft where it contacts the platform as indicated by the badly drawn image below. Unfortunately I can’t open the old Z-Suite after the last windows update to show an example but it did solve the problem of the raft lifting as the part was grown.


Thank you for the explanation. As far as I am concerned, such an option has never been available in Z-SUITE. Still, you can try to the platform-raft gap so the raft will adhere better to the platform.