Comparison of 3D printers

If you post at Ultimaker forum for the first three times or something like that a moderator must approve it before it is visible to others. 

Makes sense, thanks :)

This is just too good!

What settings did u use on the UM2 and zortrax? basic settings i.e layer height, infill, temperature, filament type etc


Right link now:

I hope this part is true to Zortrax team aswell "we are still wrapping up some other tweaks in order to make the "ghosting" absolutely minimal.  We are always looking for ways to improve."

So i printed the same hut. Layers 0.14, Speed Normal, Infill Light, No Support, 100% Fan. Overall prints looks very nice. But i took some pic's to show problem that i am pretty sure Zortrax can do better in future Z-suite/FW updates. Ringing/ghosting is more visible than Up! and even that cheap Craftbot. Mabey Craftbot settings are really slow but still very impressive for a cheap printer like that in this early stage off it's life. Also seam on Zortrax are something that needs some work imo.




I preffer to see more pictured from thread creator not from you.

If you have “ringing problem” or any problem instead of flooding this thread please open new thread or contact with support for my past problems this worked best.

For me your print looks very ok, but who know I have only few printers :slight_smile:

Craftbot??? Order it and publish pictures as Aleksiej does and then we can review it, until Craftbot is only crowdfunding dream do not compare it to anything.


Congratulations fro your thread I want more pictures of prints !!! Especially Makerbot mini and Davinci.


If you have issues don't take it out on me. Thx. 


If you don't want me in this thread let me know.


You don’t see there

That this guys just now use you agains Zortrax to make strange marketing, I know that you are fan of Zortrax and you have whole Youtube channel where you showing prints about which CraftBot users just can dream.

If CraftBot want any comparision they are welcome to shipping printer to me, you or Aleksiej or any Zortrax owner for comparision, of course printer out of the box, just now they try to foolish everyone. special tuning to just print one model? what is this next generation of reprap?

@ Mark

I love my Zortrax, but some small things can be better. Ringing/ghosting is one thing, Aleksiej prints have ringing same as me, it is a good thing when two or more printers show the same problem. Then we can rule out specific printer problem. I am sure a slow mode with tweaked acceleration and lower perimeter speed would do wonders for small prints like this.

This is feedback meant to help Zortax to improve the printer so it even better than it is today.


This is all great, but nobody mentioned materials, and clearly Ultimaker print uses something else.

Also, what print speeds?

What your problem Mark? I own a Zortrax and posted the Craftbot link. I think that this have to be take lightly, no space for angry or hate. It’s just a consumer forum.

what is exactly ghosting?


that issue on the right (this is from the web) but I experience it alot in my prints as well, where small detail is reproduced. Sometime is ok, acceptable, sometime not so much and hard to get rid of

during the post processing (acetone, sanding , etc)

Oh now I see.

This is feedback meant to help Zortax to improve the printer so it even better than it is today.


Trhuster - Seems like your reporting is valid, legitimate and objective to me.  Same for Aleksiej's posts.


Trhuster has every right to express his observation and I have had the same experiences.

Honestly Craftbot looks like it has great quality prints so far and, the fact that they want to improve their machine based

on a topic created here is awesome!

Didn't really know what the original settings were in the comparo, but I figured I'd throw in a few pics of the hut I printed today. Brand new ROBO R1, ABS, 0.1mm layer height, 121% print speed, cellphone camera for the pics.239


An $800 ($700 right now with $100 off discount) ROBO R1, stock out of the box, versus those fancy $2000 printers....LoL......just sayin'............. B)

@Big Therm - my friend have Robo and he also have a lot of problems with this printere, extruder are clogged everytime same like in new Makerbots printers. It is also worth mentioning that it is impossible to print anything without spend hours trying to set the software :) 

Your print is acceptable for the printer for 700$ :) But layers look a lot worse, I did a comparison to the 0.14 and 0.15mm

I prepares comparison more complicated models soon.


I preffer to see more pictured from thread creator not from you.


I prefer a sample size of more than one.

So I've got no problem viewing additional (and related) print pictures.

In fact.... if anyone else has an UM2, I'd like to see their attempt at the same model.