Fire Hazard with firmware 2.1.3 and 2.1.2!

Although I have already written part of this message in another topic, it seems appropriate to repeat it here to better warn all the M200 Plus users:

Everyone be very careful!

There seems to be a serious problem with the latest M200 Plus v2.1.3 and 2.1.2 firmware:
selecting “Material Unload” as the first action after switching on the printer (with hotend at room temperature), the progress bar doesn’t move from 0% (or it arrivers to a low value and then stop), but in the meantime, the printer continues to heat the extruder without control and this leads to the production of a lot of smoke and to the deformation of the teflon parts of the extruder and its consequent permanent damage. I don’t know what can happen if you leave the printer unattended in this situation but it could lead to a serious fire hazard. If you switch off the printer and then on again, you immediately get a “Hotend: Critical temperature” error message.

So I have downgraded the firmware of my M200 Plus from v2.1.3 to v2.1.2 and I have also installed a brand new HotEnd v3 and a brand new Heater and Thermocouple, but the problem has not been solved at all!
I received a “Hotend Sensor failure” error message just after the firmware downgrade, and there still is the problem of the incorrect updating of the progress bar during extruder heating when “Material Unload” is selected as the first action after switching on the printer.

There is clearly something wrong with the v2.1.2 firmware as well.

Zortrax please, investigate this issue, this is a very serious and dangerous problem!

I think that firmware v2.1.2 and v2.1.3 should be removed as soon as possible from Zortrax download page since there is a critical fire hazard with using them. it is not prudent to recommend these firmware as “recommended versions”.

UPDATE: I downgraded the firmware of my M200 Plus from v2.1.2 to v2.1.1 and now I am not having any more “Hotend Sensor failure” errors and incorrect updating of progress bar during extruder heating (when “Material Unload” is selected as the first action after switching on the printer). So I highly recommend to everyone to downgrade the M200 Plus firmware to v2.1.1 for security reasons.

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Thank you for vigilance. Given the feedback from the community we decided to remove the versions 2.1.2 and 2.1.3 and investigate them.

Massive thanks to @giufini!

So should all users proactively load another version? How can Zortrax expect users to stay with the printer and not leave it alone when printing in case it goes up in flames? I run 30 hour jobs and cannot sit in front of my Zortrax printer.


Please note that we always appreciate our users’ feedback and take it into account. Therefore, after investigating the case - we removed previous firmware version from our Support Center. Also, our specialists provided a fix last week - please refer to the post where we shared a new firmware version (2.1.4) where stability improvements related to monitoring of temperatures have been introduced. Please, make sure you have up-to-date firmware.

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