Gap between wall and infill

I have a problem with little gap at calibration cube 20x20. I’m printing of Z-ULTRAT material on Z-ULTRAT settings and I have no idea how to fix that. Printer is new (about 36h). When I cut that I’ve noticed that there is no connection between infill wall and main wall on their whole circuit. Btw. infill was 100% and even if I decreased that there is no improvement
I attached a photo of this.

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Hey there!
We’re checking what can cause that.
You’ve sent us a support form, is that correct?

Yes it’s true but in the meantime of waiting for answer I wanted to make from this a discussion. Maybe someone else has the same problem so it could be helpful.

Hello. Can you send me some models you are having problems with, please? We need to look into that as well. Thank you.

Hello. Thanks for all feedbacks.
Nero! Thank you so much. As I see - my problem is probably the same as yours. So it could be some software issue. I see that the last reply is from month before - is there any improvement?

I’ve attached something.
50x50x5.zcodex (54.4 KB)

So far I’ve received no headway. I am still awaiting a resolution.

Hey Karolina

we have the same on M200Plus and M300Dual white Ultrat
please check your Z-Suite

It can be months before they solve this, it’s so frustrating to get a reply from this company… They are not some guys working on a garage, they are PROFESIONALS, selling devices at PROFESIONAL PRICES. We as customers expect the same behaviour, 6 DAYS from the last report of the issue , 10 days since this thead opened and more than 2 months since Nero reported this, and not only him many others. The deviceds are defective, the software is defective, they are now atempting to sell $20K machines branded as “Next generation” but they already spoiled the fact they have to be serviced “in house” by the customers themselves. REALLY? you expect someone pays 20K for a machine to tear it apart and in case of malfunction repair it themselves? I have been user of Stratasys machines, and first of all they are tryly reliable, and in case something goes wrong you can have a LOCAL technician to repair it, of course some tasks such as lubrication, and several more are user responsabiity but such devices need on site technicians for certain procedures. Your company is loosing reliablity, with the M200 you had a very reliable device as hardware and software but the new ones, and new software just doesn’t work.

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@ahntlia, as I said before, we’re working to fix this bug. However, I’m not able to provide exact timeframe. We’re constantly improving our software. If you noticed any other bugs, you can send e-mail directly to our support team or report them in this section.
Endureal has only been announced, more information regarding warranty will be available closer to release date.

we have the same Problem again on the M200Plus M300Plus M300Dual

is the new Z-Suite ?


I just replied to your post.

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