I want to know the shortest delivery time of M200 now.

I want to know the shortest delivery time of M200 now.

4-7 weeks. But is closer to 7 than 4 :D

I was waiting 4 weeks for mine.

You already have one don’t you Sam?

3 weeks

Corrected! ;)

I'm waiting 8 weeks now and no one can tell me how long it will take....

I'm waiting 8 weeks :(

7 weeks for me, so it looks like at least 3 weeks before I can expect delivery.


I've been waiting 7.5 weeks (Order Number #389). They originally told me that it would ship in 2-8 weeks, so hopefully it will ship by Thursday :)

I'm in the US, and I ordered from the International store.


J - I'm #394, also from the International store, so will be curious to see when yours ships.  If you wouldn't mind, please post a note here when your status changes.


PS: Woke up this morning to an email telling me that my order status has been upgraded to "Preparing to shipping".

I've hit 8 weeks..and still nothing. Starting to get very annoyed. I was told 6 weeks. :angry: #407

Hang in there Adrian!!! All of KS backers waited an extra 3 months.. (6 months total I think) You will love the quality of the prints!!! Don't jump ship!!

It looks like mine (#389) has finally shipped! Yesterday I got a confirmation that it was "Preparing to Ship" and today I got an email that it had shipped, with the DHL number.


That's very encouraging.  Perhaps they are starting to get caught up with the backlog.  Please let us know when you get the printer.

According to DHL Tracking, my printer should arrive today. So that means the shipping was less than 36 hours, from HK to Vegas.


Mine Arrived! 8 weeks to the day after I placed my order (they told me it would be 2-8 weeks).



Arrgh - mine still hasn't shipped.  Based on order numbers and your ship date, it looks like the build rate is one per day or less.  Judging from recent posts, though, you are pretty happy with the printer, so maybe it's true that good things happen for those who wait :)


Hi Mike,

Has your status changed to "Ready to shipping" yet?