I would pay for a couple of printing tests


I would like Zortrax had a reseller in my country to be able to check before buying. But that is not the case.

And for some reason, most printer makers dont want to send test parts before buying. 

So I would like to pay anyone to print some parts for me, just to test quality. I would pay your (reasonbale) fee and the posting costs.

I would send by mail 3 STL parts. Each part is small and can be printed in no more than 20 minutes on a Mendel printer. 

I dont want any after-printing process be made on the part. Just printing in ABS, gray color if possible. 

Do you want to take the challenge?


btw, i am located in Spain.

Hello Luisito,

You can now sent me the files, I can print them … If they are done in 20 min. then I don’t think that you have to pay anything ☺



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I think anyone here can print the models, but the shipping will be more expensive than the parts themselves.

Thanks both Andreas and Catalin for your offer.

What I want is to check the quality of Zortrax compared with other printers. I dont want to have these parts printed again as I have samples of the same parts printed in several printers.  

Currently I own a Prusa i3. I have been able to print some decent quality prints but I need to keep an eye on the printer every day if I want to achieve repeatable results.

Now I want to purchase a new printer which allows me to print without worrying about the printer.

I have had the chance to try two personal printers that are in the price range of Zortrax. Both are quite competitive. I have printed the parts described below, both in these home printers and, as well, on a professional printer.

Of course the professional printer is way beyond the quality of these two personal printers but these achieve a decent quality. If the quality of Zortrax is between these two categories it would be great!

I know there is no simple test that can tell which the quality of a printer is, but it is a starting point to compare printers. Also I know there are other factors. But for now I want to compare basic print quality.

The parts I want to print as test are both on Thingiverse and are the following:



As simple as the may look there are not so easy to print, at least not accurately. I am interested both in finish quality and dimensional accuracy.

The parts printed on the two personal printers did not have the intended dimensions and were not proportional, although the finish was good.  

The parts printed on the professional printer did fit nicely and had a great finish(to be expected after the price I paid for the parts). 

Carl, as your offer has been posted in first place you will have the 'honor' to take the challenge.:-) 

I would be happy to pay for every costs and any reasonable fee you consider adequate. Gray ABS would be nice, but other color would be great too.


Luisito we can print it for you from Z-ABS and Z-ULTRAT material. Send me your address with phone number on PM.

Prusa vs Zortrax :lol:

No way to make a comparison, this little fellows are the most reliable machines I've ever seen.

Have 3 of them printing right now, since Monday no stopping. They have been on about 144 hours and working hard, changes between ABS and ULTRA T.

You just need a leveled bed, material loaded and you are ready to go.

We have clients that range from students to high end industries and they all love the quality of prints.

Don't think just go and buy yourself the best machine that money can buy, which in this case is Zortrax.

I agree with ahntlia - Prusa cannot be mentioned in the same sentence as Zortrax, the comparison is ridiculous. Different world. My M200 has completed prints as long as 52 hours in the past, and over the last two weeks it has probably done 250 hours cumulative, with all prints 6-32 hours each. Haven't touched the bed adjustments in months. Just scrape and wipe the plate, slice the model, scribble some gluestick on, and select "print". The only machine of this build volume that can perform like this.


I am not trying to compare my Prusa wit the Zortrax, please read before shoot your answer!

I would like to attach some pictures to this post but I could not find a way to do so.

Sorry, mea culpa for reading too quickly.

Two ways to attach photos:

1) Click the "More Options" button in the posting window, then "Choose File", then "Attach This FIle".

2) Click the "More Options" button in the posting window, then click the "image" icon in the formatting toolbar and enter the URL of somewhere you have posted the photo to another site.


Attached are two pictures.

The first one shows one black part printed in ABS with Tmaker printer (home printer) and the white one is printed on a professional service (white ABS).

The second picture shows the other part printed on PLA on the Tmaker printer.

Probably you have not heard about Tmaker printer; it is a printer built in Spain. Its price is in a pair wih Zortrax.

I would ike to see your pictures if you have the time to print one of these parts on your Zortrax !

What is the name this professional printer :) ?

Rafal, the pro printer is a Stratasys Dimension elite.

From what I see on your pictures I would say that Zortrax will print a lot better than Tmaker, and close to Dimension.

But it's difficult to judge a white print. It's forgiven to the eyes. You need to iluminate with a hard pin light, to have the layers lines visible.

Venosa, i am afraid there is no visible lines on the white part. But I will try to get a picture with a lateral raw light.

Printing your models. B)

Printing your models. B)

You beat me to it.. I'm printing in black right now.. :P


Which resolution?


Attached pictures. The Stratasys model with two strong lateral lights. The texture is visible but is pretty smooth.

Gracias Luis!

Zortrax will be close at 0.9, maybe with tiny visible layers.

But you can’t compare costs : )