machine never leaves the wire but a continuous moving xy z.

I have a problem with my large production machine never leaves the wire but a continuous moving xy z. 
I looked on the forum but I did not find a valid answer. I may be a problem with the temperature. The office has air conditioning and may be the cause. 
and then the roll of wire stuck on the holder 
except when the parts are at the end I am very happy with the result. but now I want to be able to produce large parts

Could you upload some photos ?


Air conditioning has no effect on stopping the print. Please send me PM with link to this model, I'll check it, additionally I need the printer SN and order number.



Ok i send to your mail


I still have the same problem it starts to print then the continuous Machine xyz these movements but ABS no longer exits the nozzle.
I thought the temperature of the office was the case, I cut the AC 
Then my Sketchup file was not good (yet solid) so I downloaded "Organizer" in the print room 
It is the same that made ​​the bed 2 mm then print it continuously without removing the plastic. 
I then upload the loader over again ... but nothing you can say that I can not print ...
thorough cleaning of the nozzle reassembly then test with the "organizer" file but the problem is the same. 
test 1 
test 2 
each time the wire exits the extruder yet more turns



Did you use original Z-ABS?



Zabs and ups 1400 VA 

if you think it's the quality of the filament then I will change the color. I redid the test with the green ...

with the green wire is the same, stop the machine to melt the wire before. she continued only xyz movement but more wire coming.


I'm not a mechanic, but the extruder screw turns and wire do not want to leave. 
it works one can then stops it. 
However, continuous screw turn as if the thread was poorly maintained 
we can safely disassemble the block?

I think you have a partially clogged nozzle.... remove it (while hot), put it in acetone bath for 24hrs, then clean it out with the 0.4 piano wire

Does the extruder gear in the picture click back and forward sometimes. Or smooth in one direction while printing raft?

Make sure the extruder power cable is seated properly

Make sure your top fan is working properly, ( mine kept clogging after an hour or so in a print) Needless to say that was very aggravating. I realized that it wasn't clogging instead it was getting to hot, and not feeding properly. 

Also I believe it is best to unload the filament when it stops printing, vs "loading" the filament. I found that out of the 5 or so times I thought it was clogged in reality all I need to do was unload and cut the filament in a clean spot, and then reload the filament.

Finally check and see if your heater is maintaining heat or is it cooling during the print.

Granted I am a NOVICE / NU-BEY, but those are some of the things I would try.

Good luck

The speed of the extruding is normal but no longer feed the wire. 
unload filament works 
and when I raise the impression Demare but keeps spreading after a time (never in the same place) 
So I see as proposed disassemble the nozzle cleaning in acetone.  :(