My printer not printing upper left part of printing model

Fingers crossed! They finally got back to my email, but I don't think they have sent me parts yet. 

Once they ship, it won't take long..

Once they ship, it won't take long..

That's nice.... Except they still haven't told me they've shipped anything yet.  :angry:

FedEx still not updating the tracking details as well.. been writing to FedEx, it supposed to reach me yesterday but no news from them.. status of the shipment still in "Initiated" stage :(

Better then no email...

FedEx??? Not DHL??? Strange..

I know… Its strange right… But juz got another email from Zortrax Team though. They resend the package now by post office

Still no update for me. Bring on week 3 of printer down. 

I received an email stating they are resending me the parts via normal post. Dunno what the hell is happening with FedEx or DHL though. Seems like FedEx got some problem with the package or what… Cross finger they got it right now. Fyi, 2 days ago Makerbot sending me an email said they are sending me some samples for 3d printing, and today reach me already. 2 days to take normal post from US. Wonder how long it takes from Poland to Indonesia.

@somepunk22, Please check your PM’s.

Hi Filip, the cable arrived today. Will try to change the cable later tonight. Tx

@Petrus did you received the manual how to replace the cable?



Yes Rafal, Filip sent me. Replace the cable and everything woring accordingly now. Too bad the offer for the filament must be in the color offered in the website. I kinda need black n white only for miniature :frowning:

Good to hear! I guess the first attempt to send me a cable got lost in the mail... Sounds like this is becoming a pretty common issue with all the new posts. 

After several months of printing, the problems is back again... need the replacement for the extruder cable again... 

Bummer! I just finally got back up and running. Good luck. 


Just wanted to share my experience with the ribbon cable.

One of our printers started to have the same issue… Extruder would not feed in certain areas of the platform. The ribbon cable had an intermittent near the connector. You could reproduce the issue by feeding new filament and wiggling/bending the cable. The feeding would start/stop depending on cable position. With this test I was able to roughly determine the section where the broken cable was. It was within the first inch near the connector. Here is how I fixed it: I took the connector apart. If you’re careful it can be done with a very small screwdriver tip (in the worst case you could order a new generic connector). Then I simply cut an inch off of the cable and reseated it into the connector. Printer worked like new again. There is so much slack in the cable I could probably do that at least 2 more times before I need a new ribbon cable.

Anyway… Just wanted to share that… This trick saved us quite some downtime.

Here the freshly cut cable after I pushed it back into the connector



Here a disassembled view of the connector… This helps to figure out how to get it apart. It’s tricky but it’s possible.

For those who haven't used IDC connectors before, the best way to install the cable into the connector is to use a small vise to apply even pressure across the whole thing (before installing the strain relief). Make sure the cable is at 90 degrees to the connector before squeezing. Also, be careful when removing the cable from the connector so as not to rip any pins out of it. Replacement connectors are very common and inexpensive from sources like Mouser or Digi-Key.

I also think it is important to support the cable somehow, otherwise all of the flexing it does as the print head moves is concentrated in a very short length next to the IDC connector. This is a well known problem on machine tools which use flexible conduits or 'energy chain' to insure flexing occurs over a long length, greatly increasing fatigue life. The easiest way on the M200 is to clip the cable to the filament tube using a clip like I posted in the Print room (or the one of the many others available). Ribbon cable and IDC connectors were never designed for constant motion and need all the help they can get.

hello Petrus,

solved the problem with the replacement of the cable?