New thermocoupler resistance problems

Hi Zortrax
this morning I got my 4th new heater&thermocoupler and still same problem like 3 before:
I immediately measured resistance and I still get 3Ohm instead of 1,6-2Ohm as stated in other Zortrax replies in this forum like this one

So now I want to know what to do and what are the real resistance values of termocouplers ?
My 2 old one both give 2,6ohm that is still better than the new ones I got.
3 of them has been bought from LDLC and have been all refunded after being asked to destroy since I show them the values that weren’t correct, this 4th is bought from 3djake and now I’m starting to think that all are the same and have these values even if I buy from other sources.
I’ve opened a ticked days ago but nobody told me correct values of the unit


Hello Roby,

have you come across any problem with the printer or decrease in print quality? Are all four heater&thermocuples causing issues? If yes - some other consumable part can be responsible for them (for example the extruder PCB that is responsible for all components plugged into it).

Please note that you are referring to an old topic (December 2021) - we no longer provide any official measurements you could relate to (apart from the ones mentioned in the troubleshooting manual explaining the problem of the perforated plate hitting the nozzle). We have found that these measurements are not fully adequate, so our users should not take them into account.

Therefore, if athe new parts are operational and you have not come across any issues during the test print - you should no longer consider the results we used to provide a couple of years ago. Also, you have been in contact with Jakub who provided necessary information. So if you are having problems with the printer - Jakub will do his best to assist you. But if this is all about measurements you took - there is nothing to worry about.

Thank you for your understanding.

Best regards,

The only problem I have with my printer that happens so often is this

all I wanted is understand when and why I have to change my heater&thermocoupler since you suggest to replace them after 400hrs but I have 7700hrs in it and I still see plenty of life in it since resistance is lower than the new units I bought

I’m referring to an old topic that refers to an old printer, why the informations were right once and no more today ?