Printed only raft borders..then nothing

I have so many times this problem. I can clean the nozzle and the extruder, make the calibration, changed the extruder motor bearing, done the axis maintenance, changed thermocoupler but the problem is still there. Parts can be small or big , it makes no difference it stops when it should start to print horizontal thin lines.

Happened this morning with a big print, printed this all then nothing


How does the motor behave when the extrusion stops? Is it stuttering or rotating freely?

Also, once the extrusion stops - please, push the filament manually. Will the motor grab it and start extruding again? This could indicate the extruder motor is malfunctioning.

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Motor is always rotating.
When this problem doesn’t happen I have a high percentage of completed prints, not 100% but near.
There’s something happening in that phase that get the filament stuck. If I push it, it then starts to extrude again

Thank you for providing more details. It seems that the extruder motor is at fault. Please, contact your reseller for a spare part or fill in the support form so we can provide you with further help.

Motor is not fault because all the printed parts always come to an end.

I investigated the problem with more attention…and found the exact moment the problem occurs
When printing raft, the main lines as in the pic, the printer has 3 process:
1- start to make them slowly
2- goes all over again with increased speed
3- goes over the border with a more increased speed

the it makes all thin orizontal line

in the 3rd step the filament get stuck in the extruder, no matter how big the part is…it can be small
I see the filament get stuck and the motor is rotating… If in this moment I help the printer by pushing the filament by hand it continues to print without problems.

I have changed extruder bearing and screw yesterday, some prints went good but few minutes ago I got the same problem.

I’ve been having this problem too, with black Z-ABS and PETG. The raft skeleton prints fine, but stops extruding when starting to do cross hatching. If I catch it in time and manually help the filament through the top of the hot end it has (so far) always finished the prints. I didn’t have this problem with warm gray Z-ABS but it may also started when I upgraded from an older Z-Suite to the current version ( since I upgraded when I switched from warm gray to black filaments…

Just as an addendum, but I switched back to cool gray Z-ABS (from black) and on the 1st print the problems with filament extrusion stopping after the basic part of the raft disappeared. It is only one test, and a different part than the one that failed with black Z-ABS so probably not proof. Is there any reason to expect black Z-ABS to be more problematic than other colors?

Hi Michael,
thank for your experience but I’m having problems with all colors



Thank you for additional information. Apart from the picture, is it possible to provide a video showing when the extrusion stops? However, if it helps when you push the filament manually at a certain point - it can still indicate the extruder motor is at fault (despite the fact you changed the extruder bearing).

Please, fill in the support form so we can go through the case and help you resolve the problem.

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The motor is still turning when the filament stops

After some weeks of testing I can now tell that I solved this issued. :slight_smile:

Situation was becoming very frustrating, EVERY print I started gave me the problem.

Months ago after an extruder bearing change I replaced the stripped original screw with a stailess steel one.
To my surprise some weeks ago I investigated it and found it was 2.85mm diameter instead of 2.95mm.
With a new screw of correct diameter I’m getting no problems at all