Outermost - first layer does not stick

Hi everyone,

I’m Klaus and use the M200 Plus for about 2 years, and I’m very happy with it.

One thing that has been very strange for half a year about, I hope you can give me information about that:

With the same filament (PETG-External), and with the same settings I have in the first months beautiful tightly adhesive layers. Now, however, the outermost layer no longer adheres (the inner ones stick well).On the picture you see, with the fingernail I can easily pull it off.

The parts are otherwise very good and solid.

Maybe that has a specific reason, and it has to be that way?

Thanks for your help



This is an issue that’s been raised several times but we don’t have a solution from Zortrax yet. It’s possible that this is a tweak that has been carried out to improve surface finish at the expense of mechanical integrity. Personally I would rather there was no gap, but until Zortrax fix it, we’re stuck with it.

Hi Klaus,

Can you send me .stl and .zcodex file of the model, please? Also, you mentioned that you had printed the same file successfully. Do you remember with which Z-SUITE or firmware version you got the best result? Or are you still using the same .zcodex file?

Thank you in advance.

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<a class=“attachment” href="/uploads/default/original/2X/b/bc345d387f14fcfd80375e74fff906a8e4b5fd64.
Griff-Womo01 v2.zcodex (9.7 MB)

thank you both for answering.

@Karolina, I made the same settings, but I didn’t use the same file, it doesn’t matter what file I use.

It does’t matter what settings I made about a year ago or now, the result is pretty much the same. One year ago the layers stuck together, now they do not stick together well. No matter, even if I go up or down with the extruder temperature for example, or I do other settings.

but as I wrote the parts are not have gotten worse. Pressureparts that I broke a year ago, broke more difficult, but they splintered.If I want to break pressureparts now, they’ll bend first a bit before they break, but maybe they’ll break something faster.

first Picture (00809): printed yesterday, it’s not my file, so my CAD program has nothing to do with it.
second and third picture (008012,00814) I printed in February or March 2019.(all Material: PETG Extrudr)
my filaments are always in a dry box

I modeled and printed Griff-Womo file yesterday. If I press the handle I hear the first layer slightly crackles, but I can’t crush it, it is absolutely firm.

Klaus, thank you for your detailed explanation and providing more pictures, I can see your point. We will check the model on our side and pass your feedback to our specialists.

This is a common issue that has not been resolved yet.