Platform falling during printing

I bought a M200 Plus in 2018.
Unfortunately, I have never been able to trust this printer.
Why ? a LOT of bug (firmware problem, failed printings…) and bad design (rolling problem XY and Z axis, Z motor screw not aligned, bad XY axis brace…) → picture on request.
The printer had already go back to Zortrax for a checking → nothing was founded by the Zortrax team.
So, I choose to completely disassemble the printer, and found a lot of equipment assembly problem.
I corrected those I found, and reassemble the printer.
The last two years, I only had very rare errors… up to last week :frowning:

Today, all my printings are failing : at a time of printing (at start 00h15min, middle or end 05h00min) the plaform falls and the printing continues but obviously the filament no longer sticks (look picture).

Does somebody have a solution ?? Am I the only one who has this bug ?!
Thank you for your help !

I point out :

  • I had this problem since a long time but not as frequent as today (systematically)
  • I don’t think that the problem comes from Zortrax printing file, because with the same file, the problem could appear at different moment at random during the printing (but obviously only one time by printing).
  • Could the update of the firmware be the cause ? I don’t think that, but I will try to dowgrade.
  • all my axis are clean, lubricated.
  • all my cable are connected
  • all weldings look good
  • today I print on a mirror platform (DIY)
  • the printer is equipped with walls and a top cover (DIY)
  • Maybe the problem appear with the heating of the printer : what piece could be heat sensitive ? connection pieces ?

video bug

here, some more pictures

Hello Tibo,

Please check your inbox, I sent you a private message.

Best Regards

Hi Pawel,

Thanks for your help and sorry for my late response.
I send you a mail with test today.
As I explain in my mail, now an error message appear randomly :

Best Regards

The error message disappear after a cleaning and cable replug.

Here, the video of the bug (falling of the platform) :

Here, another video of the bug :

Hello Tibo,

Thanks for the video, I just replied to you on DM.

Best Regards