Power button and other questions

Hi All,

I am very new not only to Zortrax M300 Plus (bought it few days ago) but also to 3d printing…
I would be very happy if someone could answer few of my questions:

  1. There is what it seems to be a power on button at the front panel (below touch screen). When I press it the only thing that happens is the touchscreen goes off - all the fans and printer’s lights are still on. I would have thought that it would turn the printer off ? Is the above begaviour intentional ?
  2. After pressing the above button - I cannot “undo” that meaning that if I press it again nothing happens - the touch screen remains turned off. Again - how do I go about that ?
  3. For the price paid I was expecting at least a small manual to be provided in printed form with the printer but here was no such thing. I would love to see some sort of manual explaining in details all the menu entries in the printer - is there something like that available (the included pdfs on the usb stick did not have that) ?
  4. I thought that the wifi module was internal but noticed that there is another usb dongle on the right side of the printer - can the usb port be used for other things as well ? Can other wifi dongles be used with the printer ?
  5. Is there some product registration available giving you some benefits ?
  6. Finally - the Z-Suit software - is there some manual for it available ? Any tutorials explaining everything ?

Other than that I managed to print the famous 3dBenchy - made it 50% smaller with default settings (30% infill and highest quality) - after 1.5 hours it printed successfully and I was quite happy with the result.

Thanks very much for all the answers!