sphynx kitty

long time no posting anything. Here a 3d sculpt (her first ever) of my girlfriend. This is like 12 cm tall and printed with 0.14 mm layer, 10 degree support.

Next will print it 3 times bigger in possibly 3 pieces.



super :)

Marco, as always - awesome sculpt!

thanks guys :)

Love your prints and your designs!

Crazy good design and print!


Speechless..... :D


thanks again guys :) I just started the bigger print. Cut it up in 3 pieces and will print it in 2 rounds (22 hrs + 15 hr) . Total height is going to be 26 cm (to the tip of the ears)

Marco… Come si dice… FIGATA INCREDIBILE! :smiley:


and now the kitty is replicating itself :) sorry for the advertise but just in case if anyone (or your friends) are interested, my girlfriend is making a limited edition in resin which she airbrush in different colors 

(is about 10 inch tall)


Very impressive! Did you need to do any post sanding/smoothing on that latest image? I can barely make out any discernible build lines.


thanks! and yes I lot of work went in the post processing/finishing part to get rid of all the lines


Great Job, can i ask you how you did it?

How you remove the lines??



lots of sanding paper, acetone and patience of course :)

lots of sanding paper, acetone and patience of course :)

Acetone by hand?

Vapor bath should of got you to that point immediately only the head and ears would of needed some sanding

well I guess the main reason is safety, since I live in an apt and dont want to risk to burn the historical SF building down :) and of course hurt my self

second...vapor bath it's too much of a global fix which cant control much (me dont like)  so I want to be wary on how much I apply depending on kind of obj I am dealing with (smooth surfaces versus stuff with a lot of small details)

Try the method shown in the link.

Can’t really burn the place up and the smoothing is very controlled since it’s slow.

I use this method a lot and it gives incredibly glossy results.


I know where Maul is coming from. Vapor bath is a quick and easy method for dabblers but it really doesn't give anywhere near the control most serious artists want/require (imo).

I've been playing with rotary tumbling for the past couple of weeks and $300 or so later, the results have been very disappointing. Tried two different ceramic media, stainless shot, and 120-grit garnet powder. The only one that was at all effective was one of the ceramics, but that took 18 hours and still misses crevices due to media size.

I'm thinking a benchtop micro blast cabinet might be ideal but the ones I've seen cost a fortune.