Top Cover

Hello everyone most of you know I make the door sides on ebay ,  I am working on making a top cover for my printer with a carbon filter  the question is do I sale them or jest make the one.?

I have designed it to bolt together for easy shipping. I have did test with my old top and with the fan running on 3 hr print the temp stayed around 95 degrees F  

So My question is there enough people needing this? let me know your thoughts.

thanks for looking

I would be interested, but would also like to see that the print volume is not getting too hot, as I know others have had that issue.

Personally, no, but the "fume" containment feature might allow some schools/libraries institutions with strict regulations to use the M200 whereas they are forbidden without the full hood.

I would like one of those! :)

I have been thinking of making something for the top but would rather buy something like this, looks great. Any idea on price, hopefully if more people will buy?

I was thinking if I do it as a kit, like the doors on e day the cost will be around 100.00

And you will have to supply your own 80mm fan, but nothing is set in stone, it is still in design stage, I am working on a fan with a thermostat that will keep constant temperature in printer with a 120mm fan

I too am intersted in this.


Looks like it will be bulky to fit around the M200 and not very fun to remove for changing the filament plus to go in from the side panel for when needed. I occasionally need to access the panel from the side plus to access the power button.

Is that battery operated fan or will there be wire attachment for the fan (to make it look less makeshift). 

Nice concept though. 


Steven, I think his design will only cover the top of the printer.  It took me a while to figure it out since he doesn't have the printer in the image.

Some of you was wondering how the top cover is going to work so I did a quick cad motel so you can see what I am thinking 

I will have temperature control within 2 degrees  ruining 120mm fan 

Good morning and greetings to all friends of the forum from italy
the project is very interesting, even I was studying something similar to prevent the emission of noxious fumes.
My only doubts concerning the passage of the electrical cable and the filament to the extruder

We conducted a preliminary tests of our all materials, none of them is not harmful to health when printing. At the moment, the laboratory prepares the official documentation of test results. I can tell you that the more toxic "pollutants" you  breathe while walking around the city :)

ziofico I have made 2 other tops before and I have lest room for the filament and the cable this one is the only one that will have filter and temp control

hi, it’s a very interesting project. do you have photos of printed objects with and without this construction? if this box is able to prevent warping of large objects, i promise to order it.

Well I did it,  the top cover is made, it works very good I can hold a temp within 1 degree, I am very happy with the outcome. I can sale it without the controller or I can give you the stl files and you can make the controller  yourself,  it take to long for me to print the parts to make for a price that will work,

thanks for looking

I like it, can people order it? :)

Is the cover improves the quality of prints?

Less warping?

Less delaminations?

Why ventilation?

 Yes you can order them 3DWP,  you can contact me in privet to work out a dill,

and axel  I cant make no guarantee one way or the other  I have only ran about 3 prints so I have no data to make a any climes.

But I can answer your question about ventilation , without ventilation it will get to hot inside up to 120 degrees.

according to zortrax we need to be around 85 degrees,

I hope zortrax will give their thoughts, on this

I did this because the big boys like Stratasys have temperature control in there printers so there must be something to it 

I did this because the big boys like Stratasys have temperature control in there printers so there must be something to it 

There is. The sweet spot to reduce warp dramatically is around 55°C ambient temperature although their newer machines I've been told are around 75°C to 77°C. The top of the line machines also have proper cooling for their drive motors to accommodate for the increased temperature as motors tend to slip or fail due to the access level of heat and reduce the lifespan considerably remember they generate heat on their own when under a load. 

Most steppers can handle around 70°C to 77°C but because they generate heat on their own the ambient temp can't be set at 55°C or 70°C as the heat of the motors combined with the heat from the ambient temp will exceed that number and cause your extruder to clog first as that is generally under the most applied load. 


Having major problems with prints lifting from the raft (not the raft from the bed), so I would be interested in this.

Clark, are you working with Octave to produce your doors? If not, they have directly ripped you off - or maybe they're just buying yours and reselling?