Toshiba FlashAir on Zortrax M200



Just for information, I received and configure  today a wifi enabled Toshiba FlasAir sd card.

It works pretty well as expected in the M200 after configuration :

  - Put it in m200

  - upload the zcode file you want using your web browser

  - File is here is the models list

If you have any question, feel free to ask !

EDIT 20150919:

Some users report file corruption using this device & some don’t. SO if you want to give it a try, please take this information into account



Nice! Is that one with 8 GB? Can the M200 handle the entire size?

Tell us more :)


I took the 32GB model, because I had the oportunity to buy it for 30€. It is too big, I know, but I though that even if it would not have worked on m200, it would have been good for my camera.

It gives about a 28GB capacity  on Windows and M200 seems to have no problem with that.


Just for information, I received and configure  today a wifi enabled Toshiba FlasAir sd card.


Salud, Laurent! Can you give the details of how you "configured" it? I tried this a while ago and it didn't work for me.




Hi Julia,

Sure, here is what I did :

  0 - The following procedure will connect your FlashAir card to your Wifi router but it needs to have DHCP enabled

  1 - Put the sdcard on my PC

  2 - Locate on the SD the folder “SD_WLAN”. (On Windows that an hidden directory, so you have to make them visible first)

  3 - In this directory, there is a text file named CONFIG, first thing to do is to duplicate it (to make a backup)

  4 - Then, open that text file. On Windows, Notepad++ is good, classic Notepad won’t work (Unix text file)

  5 - Inside, I had :









  6 - Update APPNETWORKKEY to your wifi key value

  7 - Change APPMODE from 4 to 5

  8 - Add the following lines after [vendor]



APPSSID=<< Put your own Wifi SSID here >>



Then remove from the laptop, put it on zortrax, turn on the zortrax and check your Wifi router. It should have gave an IP address to the card

Go first to

 http://<<<your card ip>>>

Put a key when asked

Then you can upload files using :

http://<<<your card ip>>>/upload.cgi


Be nice to see a "hack" on the wifi module in the older M200 models. lol 

Not that I need it but I do love a good hack. hahaha


Hello Laurent,

thank you very much for your guide to use the FlashAir-card with the printer. This works great! ;)

Is there also a possibility to delete the files via browser?

Best regards



well this is cool but anyway i really wanted wifi not for the file transfers, but for the possibility to have remote status monitoring etc...



Thank you Oliver, but I did not a lot, just grabbing some information on the web, test them and made a repport. But I am pleased it was helpfull

If like me you have a W-03 version, there is quite an easier way to manage your file, just edit your config file and add WEBDAV=2, setup again your key (replaced by some **), save it and put it on the zortrax

Then, you can access it as a network drive, using on windows \\<<card ip>>\DavWWWRoot

And from there you can drag and drop files, delete them, rename, etc.

If you have an older car (W-02 or W-01), you can do that too, using the upload.cgi script and the DEL=<<filename>> parameter

Voudas, I do agree, and I think integrated basic wifi control plus flashair would be quite a good combination to use m200... but unfortunately,we now know it won't never be like that.

EDIT: Doc for upload.cgi usage is there


OK, now this is getting interesting - mounting it as a network drive is a heck of a lot more convenient and useful than just being able to send files via a lousy cgi browser interface.

I haven't been able to get my Flashair to stay on my network reliably, not sure if it's a reception issue or what. I can see it on the network occasionally but have never successfully completed a file transfer :(


what channel are you using? maybe it's picky on them, i have seen that on other devices...


Indeed, using it as network drive makes it more interresting. I can save directly from ZSuite to the card, and I do not have to fight anymore with my OS asking to me 2 times out of 3 to format it when I insert it... (not sure if it is my OS or my integrated card reader)

I did not have any problem with it so far, Connection is stable, a bit long to set up when powered on, but within a minute or two.

Julia, do you have a W03 or a previous version ?



I have a W-02, guess I need to buy a newer one :(



Indeed, according to :

(FlashAir Versions § )

… you need third gen for FlashAir Drive (webdav) feature.

And according to this doc

it should also work on MacOS



A double-click on the shortcut icon on the desktop opens File Explorer and brings up FlashAirTM on the

Network folder.

Tosavephotosorfilesintoyourcomputer,selectthefilesyouwant ,thendraganddropthemintoyour computer.

*You cannot save or delete the files on the FlashAirTM using FlashAirTM drive function from your computer.

It’s only in one direction (flashair > computer) ?



I think the FlashAir configuration tool in the pdf tool can only configure WebDav as read only. In this link, it is the “mode” 1 :

What I did is to directly edit the CONFIG file to set it to mode 2, so you can write files too. I am 95% sure I already deleted files too, but I’ll test tonight at home to confirm that (it means in 6 or 7 hours).




I double checked: rename, delete, copy, move, … all is okay !



Got my W-03 today and it works perfectly - card is in M200 and directory is open on both my Win7 PC explorer and MacBook Finder :D

Merci, Laurent!


From what you've seen Julia would this work on more than one printer at a time? And would I be able to differentiate which drive was which printer? -David


Sure, David, each one will have its own IP address. Probably a good idea to assign fixed addresses with your router so DHCP doesn't move them on you.

the only issueI've seen so far is that I think the printer needs to be turned on first and then the card inserted for it to show up properly on the network each time you power up.