Toshiba FlashAir on Zortrax M200


I tried a W04, using the exact same method described here for W03. So far so good.


Would really apreciate some help.

Ive got the latest version of the card , ive followed all of the instructions on here and several other forums.

now the strange thing is the card works perfectly when plugged into my laptop, desktop & my 2 Makerbot printers. Displays as connected in the router and can transfer wirelessly fine.

However when plugged into my M200 with the most recent firmware the wifi doesent enable at all. I can navigate the card using the printer controls and select files to print but the wifi doesent connect to the router. Printer is running firmware v1.3 but I have tried v1.1 & v1.2 with no change. Have tried having the router right next to the machine but that didn't help either.

very confused and would apprecite some assistance please


Same for me - card doesn't get reception when inside the printer. I tried some "card extender" cables, but they don't work at all, even in a PC. I know someone who has had success with extenders, though.


My W04 is working fine in my V1 M200 - using? Firmware (got no idea)

But I use UniFi Wi-Fi access points and they tend to be pretty good. 


Has anyone run into SD error (Error #002) and figured out how to fix it?
I’ve got a W04 on 4.00.03 and my printer is on the latest firmware 1.3.1

The card connects to my network fine. I can get files on and off of it over the air with no issue and I can verify them with my SD reader, but I can’t get printer to read the card. I just get Error # 002

I’d really be able to use this thing.


Check if it’s fat32 or exfat. Zortrax takes fat32. Flash air has sdxc (64gb) and sdhc models. The sdhc models should be fat32. The sdxc maybe formatted as exfat