X-axis layer shifting. Over, over and over again

Hello everyone.
After now 3 months of research, I disassemble / reassemble my problem concerning my offset in X axis and sometimes in Y but rarely, is still not resolved. I can not.

I tried everything, change, the belts, disassemble everything, the axles and reassemble according to the recommendations (Zortrax maintenance), but nothing changes. My printer always prints parts once very good and after that the next part is offset on the X axis.

I noticed something. During the automatic axis check, if I touch the print head a little bit, the motor slips. I am specifying the motor and not a belt. It is as if the engine does not have enough force.

I further specify that the engine is new. The axes are very free, no hard point, I can move them at the maint without problem. I also have the latest firmware, latest Z-Suite version.

I do not know what to do. I am disappointed with a CHF 5,000 machine.


last week I received my brand new M300 Dual printer, for which I’ve waited a lot of weeks. Every week I had a new untrue announcement, that it’ll be shipped this week… But ok, it’s here finally.

But on literally every print I’ve noticed a heavy Layer Shifting in the X Axis. This is combined with a loud metallic sound out of the machine.

I followed the Troubleshooting step for step : (https://support.zortrax.com/troubleshooting-layer-shifting/)

After I tightened the belts it’s getting even worse.

Please help somebody! After I already am extremely happy with my M200 Plus I’m now even more extremely frustrated with the M300 Dual. I have no trust in this machine at all.

With the M200 plus printing is like “fire and forget”. With the even more expensive M300 Dual it will hopefully some day print without a Shifting… Beside, who is going to refund my Filament I’ve spended senseless to get this Printer to work??

That’s sound like ~5000 EUR for nothing right now!

A long time ago I had a cheap (170€) Anet A8 printer from China, which was way more relayable as this M300 Dual I have now.

If Zortrax wouldn’t help me fast, I’ll return this thing immediately!
I have one week left for free return, so please hurry up!

Beside this, first of all the camera wasn’t connected when I received the printer… Not a trustful beginning in Zortrax’ quality check at all.

So Zortrax: HELP US!

Central, you’re very true. It is an extremely frustrating experience!

Hi @mibauer1701,

Thank you for contacting us via support form - we already replied to it. Hopefully, we will address the issue as soon as possible.

Best regards,

It is now that I read the message of “mibauer1701” that I realize that I forgot to continue my post on the forum. I sincerely apologize for this.

I had indeed a serious problem with delays that after having followed the solutions proposed by Zortrax, were still not working.

So I took the decision to return the machine to the company where I had bought it and they followed exactly the same procedures I had done before, but without any success.

Then the solution was found.
After having carried out the maintenance of the axes, making sure that the X axis is perpendicular to the Y axis as mentioned in the following solution: https://support.zortrax.com/m300-axes-maintenance-with-jigs , you have to be careful with the grease you use.
Indeed, I was using a thick white grease supplied by Zortrax and I was putting too much on all the axes. The grease gets into the slides with bearings and the consequence is that the axles get stuck at high speed.

I cleaned everything up completely and now I use fine sewing machine oil. It is a universal fine oil. And now I’m back to doing 72 hour prints without ANY problems.

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I had a very similar problem, movement problems at high speeds (especially when the extruder moves to swich between the two materials).
After many attempts to identify the problem I solved it by using a different grease, less thick then the one provided from Zortrax. Be sure to put it on all the axes, for example if the X axis have problems dont’ forget to lubrificate also the Y axis, because as it rolls into its guide it can produce friction too.

In the meantime I had a quite similar solution to solve this issue, but because of the fact that I have a completely new machine a faulty grease couldn´t be the problem.

In fact the axis weren´t perfectly aligned at right angles from the factory! I can´t imagine how this passed the qualitiy managment of Zortrax, especially in consideration of a 5k€ machine!

Beside this I had to loosen the bearing at tiny bit so that they could not get stuck anymore.

By now I was able to print several prints without further issus. I hope it stays that way!

It is sad that something like this has to happen and that the customer has to find a solution himself. Yes, Zortrax answered my complain, but not in a very helpful and straight forward way. In sum that troubleshooting took way to much time for this kind of so called professional 3D printers.

Thanks Centrac and Atlas3D for your replies and good recommendations!

After 3 months of printing without problems, the return of the axis offset is again present.

Hahahaa this machine is great, no stability in its work. I put this post on this forum but given that Zortrax is currently in standby mode in its replies which take 3 years. :joy:

Yesterday I printed a part, an offset in X, good pity. I restart the printing and here is a Y shift.

Maybe if I throw a third time again I will have a Z shift hahahahaahahahh. :rofl::rofl::rofl:

Is the problem coming back to you? :roll_eyes:

Yes, I also have the problem again!

For me, it is always a shift in the X direction, but not with every print.

During the axis check, I occasionally hear a horrible noise, as if something is tilted and torn loose with force. Unfortunately, this cannot be reliably reproduced, which makes troubleshooting extremely difficult.

I have lubricated again, tensioned the belts and tightened the pulleys. Unfortunately, with no real success.

It is really frustrating. I print a large component with 2 days of printing with no problem and the very next print shifts several times after a few hours.

However, my shifts are not as extreme as in the photo (tymon130) but about 5-7 mm.

@Centrac: For me it was now about 2.5 months of trouble-free printing, after the printer is now 3 months old and the problems started directly at the very first print.

Currently I help myself by trying to print in such a way that there are no “empty runs” in the X-direction. Because these accelerations promote the shifting. Unfortunately, you can not set this value, because I prefer to print 2h longer but reliable. But this cannot be a permanent solution.

I am now for days in contact with the support of Zortrax, and they try to help me. The suspicion lies on defective motors, which I will now replace. I hope that the matter is finally settled.

However, I also suspect that the last software updates were not beneficial. Since then, the reliability has also decreased on the M200 Plus and I have partially unfounded print aborts on both printers.

I wanted to buy me to my M200 Plus and M300 Dual now actually another Inkspire, but there I wait first the Resultet with the M300 Dual. I do not want to “waste” again a lot of money (*).

(*) whether wasted or invested will now be decided.


On the other hand, I would like to make it clear that in all my problems, it is not a problem of shifting because of the belts. It’s about shifting because of several engine jumps.

No belts are jumping. It’s an effect as if the engine didn’t have enough torque and it’s like cracking and jumping steps.

I’m looking at trying to find another stronger engine. But the problem is that I don’t know the torque of the original Zortrax engines.

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Dear users,

When facing layer shifting issues - it is crucial to start with the following troubleshooting manual available in Zortrax Support Center. Most often the problems are caused by lack of/improper maintenance, misaligned axes or a faulty X/Y axis motor. If the issue is accompanied by the X/Y endstop error - we also do have a manual which should help you find a root of the problem you are facing. What is more - the axes maintenance procedure has been thoroughly explained in several manuals provided in the Support Center.

Most of all - please remember to regularly maintain your device. In order to keep your printer in a good condition and achieve high quality prints - it is crucial to lubricate the X/Y axes and the extruder guide rails, check the tension of the drive belts on the X/Y axes etc. every 300 working hours. However, it is recommended to lubricate the rods with silicone oil on a regular basis (it also does not take much time).

If you suspect the X/Y motor is malfunctioning - you can check that either by swapping the motors (to see if the layers start shifting in the opposite direction) or check the motor pulleys manually (checking if there is resistance). This has also been explainted in the troubleshooting manual.

However, if you are unable to solve a problem on your own - you should contact the reseller from whom you purchased the device or reach our Support Department directly via support form. Once you fill in the form - one of our support agents will provide you with help. This is an official way of submitting a warranty claim and the fastest way of receiving assistance. Also, please always provide materials illustrating the problem (pictures, videos) which help us to look further into the matter. Of course, there is always a possibility of sending the device for a repair - either to one of our Resellers with service points or to Zortrax Technical Department.

Best regards,

Hello Karolina,

yes, but what if the printer is brand new and makes this error on the first print? And also on the second, third, etc.?

All that you write is also on your website, which the customer affected by the error (at least me) did and followed long ago.

Why do not you address the obvious issue, and that is that the motors may be too weak?

I wouldn’t have suspected that from a manufacturer like Zortrax, who I was extremely positive about after experiencing the M200 Plus, but after seeing how lousy the fans are after some time on the M200 Plus and after the third print on the M300 Dual, I now think it’s very likely, like Centrac, that the motors on the M300 Dual are simply undersized.

So, now I’m asking you directly if there are any known problems with the motors on the M300 Dual. An evasive answer is to be taken as a “yes”.

Thank you for an honest answer.

Hi @mibauer1701,

Thank you for your reply. I do see your point. If you come across any issues while running your first prints - it is crucial to contact your reseller or Zortrax support department as soon as any problem comes to your attention.

We do not come across the X/Y motor failure very often - thus, we cannot state the motors are too weak or that this is a well-known issue. This is really unfortunate that these parts failed on your device - and we apologize for the inconvenience caused. However, our troubleshooting manuals also focus on checking the XY motors to determine whether they are malfunctioning.

As for the extruder fans - please note that these are consumable parts which require replacement. A new bottom fan for M300 Dual was provided by my colleague as well.

We are sorry that you have come across some issues with your M300 Dual. However, I hope that after installing new parts the printer will be fully functional, and you will be fully satisfied with the quality of prints the printer delivers.

Best regards,

Hello all,
I have same issue. I bought printer one month ago and this happens 3 times already. 2 times in X axis and 1 time in Y axis shift this morning. I was check everything. Axis movement is smoothly and also align is correct.
My old M200 with +7000hours print time is more reliable than this. I hope that is only software problem and you will resolve that soon.

Best regards

Edit: Z-Suite v2.18.1.0 and fw 2.5.4

Hi all,

I have exactly the same layer shifting issue. I have had the printer for a month and a half and it produces a defective print, either from extrusion errors or from layer-shift every 10-20 hours of print time. (for large prints it fail every time, smaller prints often succeeds.)

I followed the manual for axle maintenance and the full troubleshooting guide for layer shifting meticulously and spent many hours trying to fix it.Then, hoping that everything would work I started a 15 hour print, only to find the next day that it had layershifted. Layershifting can be in either direction or both.
I need this printer for work for supplying parts for our customers.

I had also followed the instruction and used the white grease on the axles when I received the printer.

  • So I will try and clean it off again, as mentioned in this thread, and hope that it will help.

I support the hypothesis that the steppers motors are under-powered or there is a software bug, since the mechanics works perfectly and the belts are not skipping.


Well, cleaning and lubricating does nothing. I also got new motors from Zortrax, only unfortunately they lead to a layer shift again after a very short time.

In short, the M300 Dual is a miscreation.

Zortrax has developed shit and sold way too expensive. They should finally stand by it and give us a final solution.

The printer is unusable and worthless. Zortrax is the manufacturer and must improve until the printer delivers what was promised to us.

The suspicion is growing that Zortrax is deliberately deceiving its customers and continues to sell the printer, even though it is clearly a misdevelopment.

We have to defend ourselves together against this!
Please all contact the “service” of Zortrax and be persistent! They take your money and sell you cheap junk!

We in the company have meanwhile finally blocked Zortrax as a supplier! And so Ultimaker has just sold another machine…

No layer shifting on M300 Dual, until the first maintenance prompt to lubricate the axis. Gave them a gentle wipe with the supplied lubricant, which promptly led to layer shifts.

Went through Zortrax’s support procedure, motors, belts, pulleys, etc., all okay (should be, it’s a new machine). Spent three hours flushing the grease out of the bearings using isopropyl alcohol/WD40, manually moving the extruder head while constantly wiping residue/excess off shafts with lint free cloth. Now working reliably again.

Very poor value for money: you pay a professional price for an amateur machine.

PS: Lots of other issues as well. We were going to replace four 3D printers with these machines, but not any more.

That is horrible!
What alternatives are you considering?

Hello all
I suppose this is issue of linear bearing in extruder head. I already ordered new one for replace.

Hi KarolZ,

That’s exactly what I told Zortrax, but they said there could be no problem and that I would only get new motors.

Well, but unfortunately without success. The layer shifting is still there.

Thanks for the tip, I will “ask” Zortrax again.

Hi @KarolZ,

I just sent you a PM. Please, check your inbox.