Z-HIPS with Z-Support Premium (M300 Dual)


Hi Zortrax,

Request: Allow using Z-SUPPORT PREMIUM support with Z-HIPS in Z-suite.
(Add Z-HIPS to dual extrusion materials list).

In the current version of Z-suite (2.18.00) it is not possible to select Z-HIPS with Z-SUPPORT PREMIUM or ATP. - Only single extrusion with Z-HIPS is allowed.

Z-HIPS can at the moment only be printed using itself as support material, which contrary to how the material is advertised does NOT work well. - It is impossible to separate the support from flat supported surfaces (see other posts about this - here: Problem with the support when using Z-HIPS).

I have managed to test Z-HIPS with Z-SUPPORT PREMIUM by using External Materials settings and guessing temperatures etc, - and the materials work well together. There is good adhesion to the raft.

Please go ahead with this change, which will increase the usefulness of Dual Printing and use of both Z-SUPPORT PREMIUM and Z-HIPS.

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Any response to this?

It would be great to have this fixed, since using Z-HIPS with support was basically why I just got the M300 dual, and not just kept using the old M200.

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Any response yet, Zortrax?
Two weeks from first post tomorrow.



Hello Zortrax guys!
Anyone there?

This post is nearly one month old with no reply or comment from you.



Hi Sten,

Thank you for sharing your suggestion and feedback with us - we really appreciate that.

We have tested these materials but, unfortunately, Z-HIPS is not compatible with Z-SUPPORT and Z-SUPPORT ATP, thus the printing profiles you have requested cannot be introduced in Z-SUITE.

You have managed to test Z-HIPS with Z-SUPPORT Premium, but please note that depending on the type of model you are printing - some larger, flat models will still be more prone to warping, thus this workaround might not work for all models. Still, if you want to experiment with the external profiles - we suggest tweaking ABS/ULTRAT-based ones.

Thank you for your understanding.

Best regards,