Z screw skipping

So I finally got my filament to load properly only to find that every single print failed..

Upon turning the Z screw manually I realized every couple of turns it 'skipped' in a weird way.

You can see on the video exactly what happens.

This results in prints that every few layers clearly something goes amiss, leading to delamination and the print failing sooner or later.

Any idea what causes this? (I already checked and tightened the 4 screws at the base of the Z screw)


Tomorrow we'll prepare short manual what you will need to do.

Check the holder which was placed on the Z screw on the bottom of the platform, this parts should have 1 or 2 screws, tighten it but not so much (should remain a litlle loose)

Aleks can you be more specific (maybe a pic showing the holder)? I already tightened the 4 screws that are at the bottom of the Z screw, apart from that plate I dont see any 'holder'.

Zortrax - good to hear, looking fwd to it.

Waiting for that manual..

Almost sounds like the motor coupling broke.. Not sure though.. I have a different screw.

Does anyone have any idea what this is? Prints 'fine' except for the lines every inch or so (as per the pic at the top). Printer came like this out of the box. Support hasnt been very helpful so far..

lines like that are not normal. I don't have those. 

What did you do to fix your z screw issues? I think the line might still have something to do with that...

I know they are not normal, That's the problem im trying to fix ;)

I haven't done anything - those lines are the 'Z screw issues'

I tightened everything and it got a bit better but still very visible.

When you open Z-suite what version are you using?

The more I look at your video the more I think you have a damaged lead screw or brass nut.... It can't be the coupler between the stepper and the screw because your V2 doesn't have one. The screw is part of the stepper (one piece shaft/screw). If it's not the screw/nut then it's maybe a damaged stepper. Does it always click after the same amount of revolutions? After how many? Is it over the whole length of the screw or only in a certain range?

Here is how to check the brass nut:

Take the bottom cover off, remove the fan plug, remove the stepper plug from the main board (the V2 z-axis stepper is different than the others and does not have a plug directly at the motor). Remove the 4 screws holding the stepper (from the top). Pull the stepper (including screw) out by turning the lead screw. As soon a s you have the stepper out you can loosen the screws of the brass nut and take it off the platform (there might be a lot of loctite on the screws). Check the nut visually and spin it around on the lead screw to see if it is damaged or stripped. Also now move your platform up and down by hand and see if the rails are binding anywhere.

Thanks Andre, Ill give that a try and report back (seems like quite a job so have to mentally prepare myself ;)

Andre to answer your questions - 

Yes it always clicks approximately after the same amount of rotations (its very hard to know exactly). I believe its about after 2 or 3 full rotations that it does it, you can see the distance between the lines in the print to get an idea. Its over the whole length of the screw.

Support is sending me a new motor.. they say the motor might be damaged.

They should maybe send you a new brass nut right away too…

You can test if your motor is good by removing the brass nut screws…then just tape the brass nut to the screw so that it spins with the screw and jog the motor (manual platform move in the menu). If the motor is quiet then you know it’s the nut.

Thanks Andre, ill try it out. Just as a sanity check, can you maybe send me a pic of which is the 'brass nut' (yes I am mechanically retarded ;)

While you're at it, show me which is the 'screw' of 'tape the brass nut to the screw' - is that the Z screw were talking about?

I should do this with the printer on??

I wonder if you should rather send the printer in… I don’t want you to get into a situation where you damage anything.

The procedures I described to you require some basic mechanical skills at least.

I can’t get you a pic right now because at this moment I have no access to a v2 printer. But the brass nut is pretty much the only brass part (golden colored) on the whole printer. And it’s directly screwed to the bottom of the platform holder.

The screw I refer to is the Z screw. Correct.

I had the same problem. Is the coupling that joins the screw with the steeper. They are sending me a new one

His printer version does not have the coupler .

Ok thanks Andre. Ill give it a shot. I have someone with better technical skill than me as backup, so we should be ok. In any case I asked for the nut as well and both are on the way.

Btw I just found out this machine is a v1, which makes no sense since I got it a few weeks ago and I got it AFTER the first one which is a v2… (which is why I hadn’t bothered to check)

Don’t know if it makes any difference as far as what you suggested Andre