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When I open a recent project, i cannot “Save as”.

When I open a project, i can “Save as”. But i cannot open recents projects…

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Hey there, I’ve noticed that sometimes you can’t add support to “mirrored” objects, looks like it has some wrong coordinates, cursor is in one point and support is shown in another


Please fi the rotation problem on the mac version. From 2.0 version the pan is not working correctly and it is annoying to click on the icon to move screen and then to rotate again. The double finger gesture (which is same as right click) is not working at all, while it was working perfectly in versions 1.x.x.

It seems that you are not testing on mac at all, you will be better to do so!


In all versions, when you change fillament, layer height or quality settings, it resets you some other settings you have preset such number of top layers. This is annoying behaviour, please do not reset values, keep them as user set. There is reset settings button for such function.



I have a bug with the Beta software,
The window “my devices” is empty… the inkspire is connected, printing is in progress, but nothing appear in this window.

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Is there any way to delay an Inkspire print so that it starts at a specific time, or start a print remotely. It’s a feature that i’ve been wondering about for a while, but have never seen.


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