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Here you can share your suggestions and insights on the newest Z-SUITE 2.13.0 BETA.
You can download this version from our Support Center.

For M series Plus and M300 Dual users:
Please, keep in mind that updating your firmware to the newest 2.2.0 version is necessary to print files sliced in Z-SUITE BETA.

When trying to replicate the model in preview on M200Plus I got this “unexpected error”.
It is the same for M300Plus,
For M300Dual - no. It’s another error.

The tower is placed outside the platform (after - replicate zcodex)
Inkspire - doesn’t have this error. Neither M200 or M300.

Hi Veronica,

Thank you so much for your feedback.

When it comes to the first problem you listed - our specialists will look further into the matter.

However, as for the second report - this is not a bug. Actually, this is a standard place where the waste tower (only for dual-extrusion printers) is being placed when replicating models (in case someone would like to run a print covering the whole platform).

Thank you for your vigilance - we do appreciate your help.

Best regards,

Hello Marta,
Is it possible to install Z-SUITE 2.13.0 BETA in a different folder to keep using also the stable 2.12 version?

Yes, it was always possible, even with older normal versions.

Unexpected error while trying to duplicate element before the export to the printer.
I can’t go backward to manually copy/paste or to edit printing properties. I can only export or close the project.


Z-300 Dual printer (2.20 firmware). Camera viewer not working. In VLC application the preview works.

After a few attempts, the preview works

thank you for size correction feature !!!
I find some bugs in support generator, the same is in 2.12

Hi @b.startek,

Could you please explain what exactly are you referring to? In order to generate more support structures, increase the support angle (in the screenshot I can see it was set to 30).

Best regards,

It is unprintable. STL needs much more supports from raft.

Thank you for your reply. You need to increase the support angle or add support structures manually, but this is how the model should look like with 30 support angle.

Thank you for your tips. That should z-suit [automatically supports] do not me :stuck_out_tongue:
Automatic supports should find best angle and density of supports for printed stl.
Should be “magic” button - find best position (short time and printable), make supports and if there are more then 1 stl on platform -> aligment

EDIT: COLRS it will be great to add color black or red of unsupported area to see if print collapse

Is it possible to add support for the new .ctb file format?
It is the new file format supported by the Elegoo Mars Pro.
Currently, when I browse the content of the USB key from the Mars Pro, the cbddlp files are shown without the preview image, so I guess that the old file format is not supported anymore.
Otherwise, is there a tool to convert a .cbddlp file to the new .ctb format? Thank you.

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If I export a model to file, load this file later and want to send that file to my printer, Z-Suite Beta always crashes

Hi Christian,

Could you provide more information concerning: model of the printer, currently installed firmware version, whether it happens with a specific .zcodex/.zproj file only (or all models)? Also, do you send the file from the preview step or my devices tab?

Best regards,

Printer: M300 Dual
Firmware: 2.2.0
Z-Suite: 2.13.0 Beta
Material: Z-Ultralat Plus (single extrusion)
Program settings: no changes to standard settings

Happens with: every model I import
Reproducing procedure: 1.) import a model, slice it and export it as a file (.zcodex) 2.) Close Z-Suite 3.) Open the exported .zcodex file (Z-Suite starts) 3.) Export file to device from preview tab, confirm last window to save the file --> Z-Suite crashes

Thank you for providing the details. Our specialists will look into the matter.