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Here you can share your suggestions and insights on the newest Z-SUITE 2.14.0 BETA .
You can download this version from our Support Center .

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Version stability looks better than 2.13 for M300+ and M200+ remote access.
Could you add a “skip” when you load a big project you have to see animation with all slices and it’s fun the first time but after it’s long and useless ?


Hi, noticed the down arrow doesn’t work in percent mode.

edit, it seem to only not work when in M200 mode, other machines it works.


When I open a project and change printer, all settings (material, …) are reseted. Please fix that, it’s very boring for people with several Zortrax printer models.



You just need to deselet this option:


Please add a setting to disable asking for “would you like to use rotation optimisation?” - either just calculate in advance or leave it to the user to use the hotkey for the tool. This interrupts the workflow significantly when adding many objects.


Why it just not stops the animation if you click on another tab… it would be so simple…


I have a few suggestions for the Z-Suite Beta.

  1. Would it be possible to choose whether z-suite loads with a perspective view on or off, rather than having to turn it off every time it loads.
  2. After scaling or rotating a part and clicking off that part, Z-Suite forgets the scale percentage and rotation. Would there be any way for Z-Suite to remeber that information.
  3. Would it be possible to lock the view. Sometimes when moving parts, the entire viewport begins to move as well.



With external material, if you did custom settings and you change layer height some settings are reseted. Please fix that.


I have two issues preparing resin prints:

  1. Take for example the sample file they provide at https://www.kickstarter.com/projects/gravenguild/hexton-hills-tabletop-campaign-map-tiles (scroll down, it says “Download Sample .stl”) - they provide a version WITH supports that slices fine in Chitubox etc. in Z-Suite some of the support pillars are hollow and the print fails.
  2. If I add support pillars manually, the tool takes a long time to respond for each click I make. Other tools react much faster. This makes slicing in Z-Suite a pain currently.

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Why can i slice this in Prusaslicer - Cura - Simplify3D and not in Z-suite?

prusa_protective_face_shield_cover_rc1.stl (353.6 KB)


MacOs Catalina Version 10.15.4
Z-Suit Beta

Preview show only single layer


Attempting to print a model, and one hole gets support, the other doesn’t is this intentional or a bug please?

Software is


When I switch machine from M300+ to M200+ on my project, I lost all my external material settings. Could you fix it please ?



Hi Peter,

Actually, this is not a bug. This is a standard place where the waste tower (only for dual-extrusion printers) is being placed when replicating models (in case someone would like to run a print covering the whole platform).

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I,m working in Inventor. I use 3Dconnexion manipulator.
Can you add this device to Z-suite?


I noticed that when you mirror an object and attempt to hollow or support it, it has the hollow dot come out the other side of the model and it will not dig a hole. Supports likewise attempt to support the mirrored part.