Z-SUITE 2.17.0 BETA released


Z-SUITE 2.17.0 BETA has just been released.

What is new:

  • Introduced .zcodex2 as a new output file format for M Series Plus and M300 Dual printers (Note! Updating firmware to the 2.4.3 version is necessary to process .zcodex2 files),
  • Added a new parameter in the Print Settings step for Inkspire – Slicing Quality with Normal and High modes. Selecting the High mode allows the printer to keep precise geometry of models (even very complicated ones), however, slicing can take more time,
  • The procedure of detecting collision between models in the Model step has been improved and it is now much more precise,
  • Improved the Autoarrange tool – multiple models are now positioned in the workspace in a more optimized way,

Bug fixes:

  • Fixed problems with overly simplified paths that would contain artifacts,
  • Improved support generation for Inkspire, especially with pillars placed on the edges of the workspace,
  • Improved fan operation when printing the first layer of supports,
  • Fixed some of the quality issues with the Shell mode,
  • Improved bridge paths generation, especially after rotating a model,
  • Fixed a bug where saving a .zcodex file again would cause problems,
  • Fixed problems with repeated slicing of the same models after changing Infill settings,
  • Fixed a bug where progress bar and notifications in the Preview step would block the workspace view,
  • Fixed a bug with saving very large files for Inkspire.

We are looking forward to receiving your feedback. Please, share it with us here.