Z-SUITE 3.0 BETA. Please, share your feedback here.

Hi, With 3.0 I’m only seeing an available layer thickness of 0.2mm for all materials. Is this expected?



Will you add more printers like the ones with LPD Plus technology?


Hi, we definitely will be adding more layer thickness options in the future. As 3.0 BETA has just been released, not all possible settings have been introduced yet.

Thanks Karolina, the new features are very much welcomed, thank you for the continued improvements to the platform.

Slicing for M200 seems no longer possible. Will I be stuck with the old version?


Version 3.0 (on mac) is not opening my old saved files. Say “file contains unsupported data”.

Very boring.


OK, so it doesn’t work with M200 at all. Wont read the files. Doesn’t see the zcodex2 files. Is there a firmware update coming for theM200?


New slicer does not work with m200 - First BIG BUG
Another one - Only 0,2mm layer height? I can’t change it?

Anyway thanks for that update, now I can’t slice any model and have to reinstall slicer to older version - lost my profiles… awesome work…


does not work with m200.
no warning about m200 not working either.


I think it does not work with m200 printers - cannot see the firmware update.

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Using local network( In the tab “My Devices” tab) without Incloud, I can’t add my M300 dual even manual method.

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I have M200, it is configured in software preferences as M200, and I got a propos to install software that do not support it. Quite disappointed.


PS. Anyway, why there are no support for Zflex material for M200 in 2.x.x software??

I agree! This is terrribile! Why beta uninstalls previous version? This M200 incompatibility should be NOTED everywhere before attempting download.

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like others, it is not possible to change layer thickness.
and not possible to chose an other nozzle diametre.
good news, it seems much faster for slicing.

Does version 3.0 beta support M300 Dual? This printer is not listed.

Hello all,

we still do support Zortrax M200, M300, Inventure and Inkspire printers in terms of technical support, troubleshooting and replacement parts. However, apart from providing fixes for any critical bugs - no further firmware and software updates will be available for these machines.

Hello @wieslaw.kuczko,

Z-SUITE 3.0 BETA was just released, hence the list of available devices is not complete yet. We will be gradually adding new functions and options. However, as Z-SUITE 3.0 BETA differs from 2.0 - we need some time to implement these changes for the M300 Dual.

Best regards