Z-SUITE 3.1.0 BETA released

Z-SUITE 3.1.0 BETA has just been released!

Z-SUITE BETA 3.1.0 is the last version supported on Mac OS Mojave operating system. With the release of the next versions, Z-SUITE will be supported on Mac OS Catalina and newer versions of the system.

  • Added support for M300 Dual and Inkspire 2 (the list of printing profiles for both machines will be regularly expanded),
  • Added 0.15 and 0.30 mm layer thickness values for most filaments previously available with only 0.20 mm layer thickness for M Series Plus,
  • Added new profiles for Z-ULTRAT and Z-ASA Pro for 0.4 mm nozzle (single-extrusion mode); Z-ULTRAT + Z-SUPPORT ATP for 0.4 mm nozzle; BASF Ultrafuse PET CF15, 3DXTECH CarbonX PETG+CF, Kimya PETG Carbon, Nanovia PETG CF for 0.6 mm nozzle (single-extrusion mode) for M300 Dual,
  • Added new profiles for BASF Ultrafuse 316L + BASF Ultrafuse Support Layer, BASF Ultrafuse 17-4 PH + BASF Ultrafuse Support Layer, Z-ABS + Z-SUPPORT ATP 130, Z-ULTRAT + Z-SUPPORT ATP 130, Victrex PAEK AM 200 + Z-SUPPORT ATP 130 for Endureal,
  • Added a new slicing mode for metal-polymer filaments with alternating direction and angles of laying paths, special hybrid support, special raft mode,
  • Added a new tool Automatic Model Scaling for Zortrax Endureal which automatically scales models intended to be printed with high-temp and metal filaments. The scaling takes place during the Preview step, according to the Automatic Model Scaling values for X, Y, and Z shown in the Print Settings step. It should be noted that the scaling parameters may differ from the proposed ones, depending on the geometry of the model and the planned post-processing (annealing),
  • Added Shell infill type for profiles available for Zortrax Endureal,
  • Added hybrid support type for Zortrax Endureal,
  • It is now possible to generate the Cooling Tower in the Shell infill type,
  • Generating unnecessary supports for small overhangs is now limited,
  • It is now possible to use the Drag&Drop option in other steps than the Model step, such as in the launch window with the list of printers or in the workspace in the Print Settings step,
  • Improved the automatic model placement on the platform to be more central when using the Replicate .zcodex tool in the Preview step,

Bug fixes:

  • Resetting of the print settings has been improved when using Editable Support,
  • Generating thin walls with the Print Too Thin Walls option on has been improved – thin walls are now less curved,
  • More areas on the model where it is possible to generate Bridge(s) (areas without the need for support) are now detected, mainly in the case of thin walls and contours,
  • Cases where supports would merge with the model in the area of the support block’s seam are now minimized,
  • Positioning of the Waste Tower in the cases where the entire platform is in use has been improved (Endureal),
  • The Annealing option has been removed (Endureal),
  • Sending files from inCloud directly to the printer has been improved,
  • Generating Seam has been improved for the modes: User Specified, Sharpest Corner, Inner Corner, regardless of the Avoid overhangs algorithm,
  • Detecting collisions in the Model step has been improved,
  • The order in which contours are printed in the Shell mode has been improved,
  • Fixed a bug where Print bottom option would not work when using the Shell Spiral mode,
  • General fixes of the program’s performance on macOS systems, including improving the options available in the top menu, pasting files after copying, opening files associated with the program,
  • Generating low models consisting of only several layers has been improved,
  • Operation of the Cancel button during data preparation in the Support step has been improved,
  • Some cases of the over-extrusion occurring as a result of overlapping infill contours have been eliminated,
  • Fan speed while printing the infill of thin walls in first and last layers have been adjusted.

Let us know what you think :slight_smile: You can also give your feedback or report a bug here.

Does version 3.1.0 beta support M200?

Hi @Zvika,

no, Z-SUITE 3.1.0 BETA does not support the M200/M300/Inventure/Inkspire.