Z-Suite and Mac OS Big Sur


Z-Suite is not working with MacOS 11 Big Sur beta. Will it work with the final version of MacOS 11?


Hi @Bodo,

Z-SUITE 2 for macOS is stable only for versions up to 10.14 (Mojave). For more information - check this topic.

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Hi Karolina
thanks for the link. The idea to use terminal with

“sudo /Applications/Z-Suite.app/Contents/MacOS/Z-Suite ; exit;”

in one post solves a little the problem, Z-Suite run with Big Sur. I think its a minor problem and can be fixed soon.


Still having problems so far. When i open latest version everything is white.


Hi @urbanX,

Please, have a look at this topic. Our specialists are working hard to resolve the issue. Unfortunately, addressing the problem might take a while.

Did you also have problems with our software while running Z-SUITE on macOS Catalina, or Big Sur only? Also, what happens when you launch the software? Are you getting a blank screen?

Could you please provide your Mac specification? We would like to gather more information which may help us find a solution.

Please, go to ~/Library/Caches and delete com.zortrax.Z-Suite folder. Does this help? Also, some users managed to run our software successfully after running the command: “sudo /Applications/Z-Suite.app/Contents/MacOS/Z-Suite ; exit;”.

If none of the above-mentioned solutions helps - you can use Parallels Desktop or Virtualbox to run Z-SUITE until the issue is resolved.

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Hi all,

We have just released Z-SUITE 2.16.2 which fixes some of the problems where a blank screen would appear when starting Z-SUITE on macOS. Please, install the update and provide your feedback.

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